Why Do Firemen Wear Suspenders? We Have the Answer for You!

  • 14 Jul 2022 10:20
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Why Do Firemen Wear Suspenders? We Have the Answer for You!

Many parts are considered must-haves for a firefighter's uniform, such as the suspenders, helmet, and reflective stripes. So are suspenders something a real fireman wears, or is it only in the movies? What are their uses?

The article of Kris Van Assche is for you if you have ever wondered about the above questions. Let’s find the answer to "Why do firemen wear suspenders?"

Why Do Firemen Wear Suspenders?

These suspenders will hold firefighters' pants. 

These suspenders will hold firefighters' pants. 

For firefighters, wearing these suspenders will hold their pants when they descend and ascend ladders. Suspenders keep their pants from falling.

Firefighters will often have to carry a lot of specialized equipment. Sometimes, they must also carry fire victims. Therefore, they cannot pull up their pants with their hands while on duty. That's when suspenders come in handy.

These suspenders are very important to firefighters. They should keep the pants of a firefighter up. And it is not only in movies or films.

How Heavy Are Firemen’s Pants?

The fact is that fire is not put in traditional pants when fighting fires. Instead, in most cases, their uniforms are made of Aramid, Nomex, or Kevlar.

Kevlar material is a synthetic fiber material that is considered to be more durable than steel. Meanwhile, Aramid fibers and Aromatic polyamide are synthetic, too, while Nomex is a third kind of fiber.

These fiber materials are heat and flame-resistant. For example, Nomex is known for being melt-resistant and waterproof, making it an excellent material for fire-fighting equipment.

Although these materials are all fabric, they are pretty heavy. Therefore, do not expect pants made from them to be as light as a pair of sweatpants or jeans.

For example, the Kevlar vest can weigh between four and six pounds. Kevlar pants will also be quite heavy. It will be at least the same weight as the Kevlar vest, even double.

That's a good reason to worry about firefighters' pants falling off while on duty.

When firefighters are on duty, they will climb and descend ladders, kick doors, or carry specialized equipment, and their pants may move or even fall.

In addition, firefighters will use high-pressure hoses. Although firefighters often point these hoses directly at the fire, they cannot avoid getting wet in many cases. When their suits get wet, they will also become heavier.

Synthetic fibers like Kevlar can absorb water, making firefighters' clothes nặng hơn. It will add extra weight to them when fighting a fire.

When rushing into a burning building, firefighters will also wear utility belts around their waists that are used to attach specialized tools such as radios, axes, thermal cameras, and flashlights.

These specialized items will also weigh heavily on firefighters' pants, whether dry or wet. That's also one of the reasons why they need suspenders.

Do Firefighters Have to Wear Suspenders?

Firefighters might not use suspenders, but they should not. 

Firefighters might not use suspenders, but they should not. 

Firefighters may not use suspenders, but they should not. Many regions in the United States require firefighters to wear suspenders as part of their uniforms. 

So it could be said that any firefighter should know how to wear red suspenders. Following are the good reasons for that.

Falling Pants Cause Tripping

When pants are pulled down, firefighters are more likely to be tripped by their pants. It can lead to a severe accident when they are in a fire.

Adjusting Pants Takes Too Much Time And Effort

Firefighters' pants are pretty heavy. So pulling them up and adjusting them takes more time and effort than a pair of jeans or loose-fitting sweatpants.

So adjusting pants often will cause a firefighter to expend a lot of energy, which they should use for their mission.

Adjusting Pants Will Distract the Firefighter

Adjusting pants can distract firefighters. Fighting fires are life-and-death moments. So if firefighters lose focus, even for a few seconds, it can affect the entire rescue operation.

What Color are Suspenders Of Firefighters? 

Suspenders for firefighters are available in various colors. Red and blue are classic colors, but suspenders today can feature black or brown. The color of the fireman's suspenders should not matter. They just need to do their job well.

Are These Suspenders Flame-Resistant? 

Suspenders are not fire-resistant. But even so, they would not pose a danger to firefighters. Compared to the rest of the firefighters' uniforms, these suspenders are just a tiny fraction. They will also be covered by firefighters' fireproof vests.


Hopefully, you've got the answer to "Why do firemen wear red suspenders?"

Generally, suspenders have an essential role for firefighters. Thanks to them, firefighters won't have to delay what they're doing to fix their pants!

Thank you for reading!

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