Do You Wear Suspenders With A Cummerbund?

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Do You Wear Suspenders With A Cummerbund?

The cummerbund refers to a classic part of black-tie attire worn around a man's waist. Although the cummerbund has long existed in the formal wear world, there are various mysteries surrounding it.

This article will give you a detailed answer to the question "Do you wear suspenders with a cummerbund?"

Do You Wear Suspenders With A Cummerbund?

The short answer is yes. You can wear suspenders with a cummerbund. You should put on your suspenders first, followed by the cummerbund on top.

As suspenders colors, black would always be a good option. 

So if you’re putting on a colored cummerbund (purple, green, pink, etc.), the suspenders can work well with your cummerbund and bow tie.

When Should You Use A Cummerbund?

You can wear a cummerbund for any formal event and occasion that you could put on a tuxedo, such as a wedding, a black tie event, a prom, and a gala. 

These are all suitable occasions to wear a cummerbund. Therefore, you can use your cummerbund for these formal occasions.

Yet, you should avoid wearing a cummerbund for funeral, casual, or office wear.

What Is the Purpose of Wearing a Cummerbund?

The original purpose of using a cummerbund was to keep males cooler and more comfortable than wearing a full waistcoat, and it still holds true today. You would be cooler wearing this item under a tuxedo than a vest.

Yet, many people now use a cummerbund to cover their waist as the primary purpose. There is no denying that when wearing a cummerbund, you will not constantly tuck the shirt back whenever you sit down or stand up.

Alternatively, you can also use the small pleats of your cummerbund as pockets for flat, small items.

Popularity Of Cummerbund 

Cummerbund and bow tie

Cummerbund and bow tie.

The popularity of cummerbunds comes and goes. Today, suspenders and vests are more popular than cummerbunds.

Yet, it does not mean the cummerbunds are out of style. These cummerbunds would never look outdated at black-tie or formal events like bow ties.

Rather, many people wear suspenders, vests, or a jacket and dress shirt rather than a cummerbund.

Placement of Cummerbunds

Wearing the cummerbund too low or high can look bad. Hence, it is essential to get a placement correct. 

You should wear your cummerbund at your natural waist. So it might require you to wear your pants a bit higher than you are used to.

When wearing it, you need to place this item, so about half of your cummerbund covers your shirt and the other half covers your pants. Therefore, it should fully cover your pants' waistband.

Can You Use a Cummerbund Without A Tuxedo?

If you are going to enjoy a black tie event, we recommend combining a single-breasted tuxedo with your black cummerbund.

Yet, you should put on your cummerbund without using a tuxedo for less-formal events. For example, you can see this look at weddings and proms. 

Combined with slacks and a dress shirt, the bow tie and cummerbund will be a more reasonable formal wear choice than purchasing or renting a full tuxedo.

Cummerbunds And Belts: Should you combine them?

You should avoid wearing a cummerbund with a belt.

You should avoid wearing a cummerbund with a belt.

We recommend avoiding wearing a cummerbund with a belt. Your cummerbund should fit tight, while your belt might look bulky underneath. 

So if your pants are a bit big, making you feel like you want a belt, you should go with a pair of suspenders.

Can You Wear A Cummerbund With A Vest?

You should not wear a cummerbund with a vest. 

The fact is that the cummerbunds are cooler (temperature-wise) alternatives to your vest. Hence, pick one accessory to wear, the vest or cummerbund.


Should I Put On a Cummerbund?

It depends on the occasion. Using your cummerbund if you join the event with the required tuxedo or "black tie" formalwear is typically a great idea.

Yet, if your event does not require it, you can join without using one. 

It is hard to beat a classic look of mixing a cummerbund with a full tuxedo. It is a look that may never be out of style.

Can I Wear a Cummerbund With an Ascot? 

Yes. It will match the theme, old-fashioned and formal, but with a lively flair.

Can I Use a Cummerbund With a Necktie?

Yes, you can do it if you would like.


Through this article, you've got the answer to "Do you wear suspenders with a cummerbund?" and many more questions related to your cummerbund.

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