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Who is Kris Van Assache?

Kris Van Assche is a US fashion designer who has been educated in a variety of locations throughout the world. He was the artistic director from 2010 to 2018 and the creative director from 2018 to 2020, fashion & style company. Before creating this website, he was a talented and gorgeous man with decades of professional expertise.

He's also the chief executive editor of all the reveals we offer you. Many followers adore him due to his & our editor enlightening writing style, which is very easy to follow. So, we are confident that you will be charmed by that flawless writing quality.

What does this website do?

Kris Vanassache’s website goal is to provide you with the newest information on the fashion, adventure, gear, and technology products that you'll require. We support you with reviews, blogs, buying guides, frequently asked questions, and so much related information about the products you are considering. 

Our specialist subject offers detailed and thorough how-to instructions for improving your health and advancing your professional life.

Our website has undergone comprehensive testing and now offers our customers the best products, prices, and quality. So you may shop with confidence if our editor team recommends any products. We hope you will find our services to be both educational and entertaining.

What information sources does our site use?

  • Customers' comments, competitive analyses, and professional advice are all available. To collect market data, forums, product evaluations, customer surveys, professional help, and questionnaires are employed. Kris considers client and consumer input while deciding which aspects they should try and which they should prevent.
  • During the research process, the health, gear, and adventure products are subjected to numerous trials to determine how well they perform in reality. The conclusions are then evaluated and inter with previous research. Finally, as shown on our leading site, we present our findings in short, informative summaries.

We are independent when searching for any products, so all of our information will not belong to any business. We do not flatten and advertise any products, just review the best ones we find. Therefore, believe us, and you will find the best health products for your needs.

Kris Van Assche - Fashion, Style, Adventure, Gear

At the first time, we didn’t know where to start with these topics as you don’t know which resources you should believe in. Luckily, after a long time of researching, Kris and our team have found the greatest way to judge any products in full detail.

We are survived with only three rules below:

  • Integrity and accuracy: Our specialists and a team of freelance editors regularly review and update our site's content. We do not accept payment in return for advertising. This ensures that the establishments we support and write about are indeed what they pretend to be.
  • Cultivated recommendations: We do not endorse everything we find and only show the best of the best. If you're at home and want to purchase any health and gear appliances, our editors will use their local knowledge to recommend the best things to look for.
  • Expertise: Many of our authors reside in the towns where they work. They'll inform you where the most fantastic items are, as well as how to find the service station if there are any problems with your purchase.

Editorial Guidelines

Krisvanassche.com is a truth-worthy source of information for and about fashion, style, adventure, and gears. It's the provider for hardworking, successful guys who desire more control over their physical, intellectual, and emotional life. 

During in-depth and expert-backed journalism, we provide men with the equipment they need to improve their lives, including everything from style and hygiene to healthcare, nutrition, exercise, weight reduction, cutting-edge gear, the newest in entertainment and technology, and more.

Monthly, our editorials consult the most reputable, qualified, and academically associated experts in the fields of health, workout, weight management, relationships, and other topics.

Our writers also stay updated on the most recent new research published in the world's most reputable, peer-reviewed scholarly journals and simplify it for our visitors in a form that is relevant, approachable, and easy to comprehend. In addition, every article in the print version goes through a comprehensive fact-checking procedure, in which a team of experts meticulously analyzes all factual assertions for authenticity.

Quality Standards

When one piece is published, we have a team of talented freelance writers that check and enhance our content selection. They ensure that all data is up to date and relevant, as well as ensuring ethical concerns, misinformation, and other ethical difficulties are minimized. If there is something we have missed, kindly notify us by email at contact@krisvanassche.com.

This team is made up of more than simply writers. They also have many operational aspects, such as graphic designers and editors on staff. Fashionist, Technical specialists, artists, PT, and engineers monitor how our services are handled as part of our privacy policy.


Our editorial staff and selected authors regularly collaborate with a health and fitness smart device and other equipment manufacturers to promote our content. This enables our bloggers to obtain help while on the go and rapid access to topics and stories that might otherwise be unavailable. Because of these connections, Krisvanassache's authors can create powerful and well-researched stories that provide a broad picture of a region.

Partner Programs

Krisvanassche.com is one of Amazon Affiliate Partners; we earn a little money if you buy any products from our links. And, of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to pay any fee for us. Just shopping for whatever you want!