A Detailed Guide On How to Wear Duty Belt Suspenders

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A Detailed Guide On How to Wear Duty Belt Suspenders

Duty belt suspenders are known as common accessories among security and police professionals.

While these belts are designed to hold a minimum of supplies, today's modern models can allow you to carry just about anything, such as keys, handcuffs, pistols, flashlights, batons, pepper spray, and other specialized services.

Today, Kris Van Assche will discuss “How to wear duty belt suspenders.” It is a seemingly simple task, but not everyone can do it smoothly. 

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How to Wear Duty Belt Suspenders?

How to put on duty belt suspenders

How to put on duty belt suspenders.

Step 1: Find a large mirror so you can see your upper torso and waist. Put on the police/security uniform or normal outfit and loop a trouser belt properly.

Step 2: Unbuckle your belt and grasp each end of a three-way buckle system. Your belt buckle works and is similar to the common user belt buckles. 

Step 3: Position your belt so that the "female end" or frame clip of your buckle is grasped by the right hand while holding the buckle end by the left hand. Put ends under your navel while the rest of your belt is wrapped around the waist.

Step 4: Insert a buckle end into a buckle clip. 

Step 5: Loosen your belt by pulling your buckle's right portion outward. Then, tighten your belt by pulling the loose strap before placing it in your belt's inside layer. Next, you can connect the Velcro sections (optional).

Step 6: Attach any shoulder strap or belt suspender that comes with your duty belt by attaching the hook of a suspender to the corresponding loop on your duty belt's front.

Step 7: Insert flashlights, handcuffs, gun holsters, baton holsters, or other tools.

What Is a Police Duty Belt?

Police duty belts.

Police duty belts.

Police duty belts, or duty belts or gun belts, are a must-have for many police officers on duty. They are where officers carry all of their equipment.

These duty belts provide the officers with easy, quick access to them. Also, these belts have to be rigid and strong enough to support equipment that weighs ten to fifteen pounds.

These duty belts are usually made from leather, nylon, or other materials. Yet, the most common kind of duty belt is built of nylon. These nylon belts are considered more comfortable than their leather counterparts.

What Tools Are Carried on Police Duty Belts?

Law enforcement officers' equipment and tools on the police duty belt should depend on their needs and particular position.

Some may have to equip many tools while others, such as those wearing plain clothes, may choose only to conceal carry. 

Here are the most commonly carried tools equipment on police duty belts:


A firearm is the most common equipment, even a must-have for law enforcement or police officers.

The firearm is usually carried on the right-hand side, allowing them to reach their weapon in an emergency quickly.

Portable Radio

Radio is one of the tools the law enforcement and police officers carry on their waist. Radio is essential because it allows them to report or seek help if needed.

The radio is kept on the left so law enforcement can use it with the left hand while the right hand is always ready to reach for the gun.

Collapsible Baton

A law enforcement officer also carries a collapsible baton on the duty belt.

This tool is typically carried on the right-hand side so that the officer can access it with the dominant hand. 

Tactical Flashlight

A small flashlight is also often carried on the police duty belt of an officer. 

It is usually a powerful yet compact flashlight. Hence, it does not add any additional weight to the belt.


This equipment is essential for law enforcement officers in most cases. In addition, handcuffs are also commonly carried on the police duty belt. 

This tool is usually held in a place so that an enforcement officer is easily accessible with either hand.

OC Spray

OC spray or pepper spray is also carried by law enforcement officers while on duty. It works as an effective defense weapon for non-serious situations.


A taser is not required for all law enforcement officers, but many carry it when on duty. It is one of the ideal non-lethal weapons that can help officers subdue an attacker without seriously injuring them.


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