When Is It Too Hot to Wear Jeans? Outfit Tips for Hot Days

  • 13 Jul 2022 07:15
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When Is It Too Hot to Wear Jeans? Outfit Tips for Hot Days

When summer comes, you will get warm weather with the sun shining. But the temperature started to soar; you wonder: ‘When is it too hot to wear jeans?’

There's no denying that most of us love jeans. You can mix them with anything, and they make any outfit look great. But knowing when it's too hot to wear them is essential. So keep reading to see more!

When Is It Too Hot to Wear Jeans?

In most instances, a temperature of 70 °F or higher is considered hot to wear jeans.

In most instances, a temperature of 70 °F or higher is considered hot to wear jeans.

The answer depends on the person and how comfortable they are. Generally, in most cases, a temperature of 70 °F or higher is considered hot to wear jeans.

For some people, it may be too hot to wear jeans when the temperature starts to rise around 70°F. Meanwhile, others can bear to wear jeans until the temperature nears 90°F. Unfortunately, humidity can also make jeans feel hotter.

Is It Okay to Wear Jeans in Hot Weather?

Jeans may not be the best choice when the temperature is up to 70°F or so, especially when the ambient humidity is high.

If you still decide to slip into jeans in hot weather, you should consider light-colored styles made from breathable fabrics like linen or denim, as they will be more comfortable than their tight-fitting and dark-colored counterparts.

Why Should You Not Wear Jeans in Hot Weather?

When the weather around you gets too hot, you'll want to stay away from denim items. The reason is that this material is a heavy fabric that doesn't breathe well. So these items will make you feel hot and sweaty.

Moreover, some jeans may stick to the skin, which is inconvenient and annoying.

Your jeans can be constricting, making it difficult for you to breathe and move.

If you insist on wearing these pants during hot days, we recommend aiming for a lighter wash or denim shorts. 

It is okay to roll up your jeans to get a cropped look. You might also consider pairing your jeans with an airy and light top to balance out your outfit while keeping you cool.

What Should You Consider When Jeans Are Too Hot?

If you find the weather is too hot to wear your jeans, it's time to consider replacing them with these recommended options:


Shorts are the perfect choice to replace your denim in summer.

Shorts are the perfect choice to replace your denim in summer.

There's no denying that it's rare to find anything more comfortable than wearing shorts on hot days.

This item is the perfect choice to replace your denim when it is too hot. Beyond that, it will work well in casual outfits, and you can also pair it with your shirt to dress it up a little.

These shorts are available in various colors and types, but it is best to pick neutral colors, such as black, gray, navy, etc.

You might also consider denim shorts that also work great in various outfits, allowing them to be the perfect alternative to jeans.


You can use chinos to replace jeans in almost all of the outfits. The fact is that chinos are made of cotton, allowing them to be significantly more breathable than jeans. So, chinos, no doubt, are the perfect choice for hot summer days.

Chinos will work great in both formal and casual outfits and can be paired with a simple t-shirt perfectly.

Linen Pants

There is no denying that these pants are not popular. The fact is that it is rare to see men wear them. Yet, you should give them a try because they deserve it.

Linen is a lightweight fabric, making items made from this material ideal for hot days. This material is even more breathable than cotton, keeping you cooler during summer. So, you can consider linen pants as the perfect alternative to jeans when the weather heats up.

It features a unique look and will work well in summer outfits. If you have not worn it, you should consider getting linen pants for the upcoming summer.

Final Words 

When is it too hot to wear jeans? The answer depends on personal preference. But many people can feel too hot in jeans when the temperature reaches 70°F.

If the humidity is also high, this can make it even hotter. Deciding when it's too hot to wear jeans is up to the individual.

Generally, if it is hot outside, making you feel sweaty and uncomfortable, it is probably too hot to put in jeans.

Various other options will keep you stylish and cool all summer long! Don't miss them! Hopefully, this article by Kris Van Assche is useful to you!

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