What Men’s Shoes to Wear With Jeans? 6 Ideas for Everyone

  • 19 Jun 2022 08:17
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What Men’s Shoes to Wear With Jeans? 6 Ideas for Everyone

There is no denying that jeans are one of the indispensable items in anyone's wardrobe. One of the reasons is that they are surprisingly flexible.

Jeans can help you achieve any look you want, from casual, smart casual, to semi-formal looks. To get the look you want, you need to choose the right shoes.

Today, Kris Van Assche will be discussing, "What men's shoes to wear with jeans?" Let's read on to see more!

What Men’s Shoes to Wear With Jeans?

You can pair jeans with most shoes, including boots, trainers, loafers, oxford shoes, derby shoes, and boat shoes.

Choosing the suitable footwear to combine with your jeans is not easy. You'll need to consider creating the perfect style for your desired look and select the color that works well with your outfit.

The good news is that we will give you pro tricks and tips to help you get the best results.

Boots and Jeans

Boots and Jeans.

Boots and Jeans.

Boots are also one of the great options that can go with jeans. You'll need to start by choosing a style that works for you. 

For example, if you prefer an urban, casual appearance, you should go with styles like hiking and chunky boots. On the other hand, If you want a smart casual look, it is okay to choose chukka or Chelsea boots.

You also need to think about texture and color. For example, while brown and suede designs will typically feature a rugged and relaxed appearance, leather and black varieties would look more sophisticated and sleek.

Trainers and Jeans

This combination will allow you to get a casual and comfortable look. For a sleek and minimal appearance, it is wise to aim for the plain black or white sneakers. 

But if you prefer a bolder aesthetic, you should consider a boldly colored option. 

You need to pay attention to the rest of your outfit. For example, jeans and trainers will work great with a jacket or T-shirt for a relaxed appearance. 

Also, they also go well with a blazer and collared shirt for casual occasions.

Loafers and Jeans

Loafers and Jeans

Loafers are also an excellent option for creating a luxurious yet laid-back appearance. However, if you want a traditional look, it would be a good idea to go with leather penny loafers. 

That way, you will get a sleek appearance. On the other hand, tassel, patterned, and suede styles will take a fashion-forward aesthetic into any ensemble.

Oxford Shoes With Jeans

If you want to gain a more formal look with your jeans, you might want to consider Oxford shoes. The classic shoe style is great to go with denim from casual to chic.

You should note that it is wise to follow traditional styles, such as burgundy, black, and brown. In addition, do not skip the brogue style oxford shoe. 

This decorative perforated design is a little more unique and makes an excellent option for smart-casual outfits.

Derby Shoes and Jeans

For semi-formal and smart casual outfits with jeans, you should look at derby shoes. The formal shoe style is great to balance the denim's casual appearance and more elegant stuff. 

Try pairing derby shoes with an oxford shirt, a blazer, and dark-wash jeans to refresh yourself.

When picking derby shoes, you should remember the following tips: While brown and black styles are typically classic, gray and navy options will give you a serious and unique stylish appearance.

Boat Shoes and Jeans

Boat Shoes and Jeans.

Boat Shoes and Jeans.

Whether you are heading to a simple summer brunch or a polo match, the combination of jeans and boat shoes will give you a fabulous outfit.

You can also mix them with any summertime stuff to improve the aesthetic of these refined and relaxed shoes.

A light blue shirt, sunglasses, and white cuffed jeans will combine perfectly for an intelligent, top-notch casual look when going with boat shoes.


What Type of Shoes Will Work Great With Skinny Jeans?

Nearly all kinds of shoes will look great with skinny jeans. Try boat shoes, boots, or trainers for a more casual style. Oxford or derby shoes will give you a more semi-formal look.

Can I Mix Blue Jeans With Black Shoes?       

You can also mix blue jeans and black shoes. It is also a great way to advance the sophistication of your look. Consider high shine Oxfords, black boots, loafers.


Jeans are a popular and familiar item. But with a subtle tweak, you can still amaze others. Hopefully, through the tips above, you will have a great outfit to go out on the street in front of the admiring eyes of the crowd.

Thank you for reading!

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