The Good Wahl Clippers For 2024

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Good Wahl Clippers
Good Wahl Clippers

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Wahl Color Pro 9649P Clippers

"The Wahl Color Pro 9649P Clippers are the perfect tool for effortless haircuts. It features a color-coded guide comb that makes it easy to find and remember everyone's favorite hair length. The clippers have removable and washable blades, so they stay clean and sharp for each use. ." Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Wahl Professional 5 Star Clippers

"With a patented serrated blade, these clippers create seamless blends and textures that make it easier to cut and style. They come with a durable, lightweight finish which makes them perfect for all-day professional use." Read Review

3. Best Quality: Wahl USA Elite Pro 79602 Clippers

"The Wahl USA Elite Pro 79602 Clippers feature the best precision blades that are self-sharpening, staying sharp longer to cut all hair types. The adjustable taper lever allows for easy blending, while the powerful and durable motor is quiet and produces less noise." Read Review

4. Best Convenience: Wahl 79424 Clipper

"The Wahl 79424 Clipper is designed to easily cut through even the thickest hair with its high-power motor and self-sharpening blades. It allows you to easily change the cut tightness between guide comb lengths with a simple lever, allowing for easy blending and fading transitions." Read Review

5. Best Efficient: Wahl 79600 Clipper

"It features a cordless battery convenience for easy portability, a quick recharging time, and self-sharpening precision ground blades that can cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer. This clipper is perfect for trimming and styling, as well as providing a neat and clean cut." Read Review

Are you looking for a reliable and well-made pair of clippers? The Wahl Clipper is a staple in the grooming industry, trusted by professionals and at-home groomers alike. For more than 100 years, Wahl has been crafting quality clippers designed to last through years of regular use. With its top-of-the-line materials and precision engineering, the Wahl Clipper is the perfect tool for achieving professional results.

Whether you’re a barber, stylist, or a DIY groomer, the Wahl Clipper is an investment that will save you time and money. It’s easy to use and comes with a variety of attachments and accessories for all kinds of grooming needs. Plus, its patented blade technology ensures a smooth and precise cut every time. So if you’re looking for a reliable pair of clippers, the Wahl Clipper is the perfect choice.

We think the good wahl clippers available now is Wahl Color Pro 9649P Clippers. This device features color-coded guide combs to make finding and remembering favorite hair lengths easier than ever. The removable and washable blades provide smooth, effortless haircuts with adjustable cutting lengths.   If you were wanting another option, you can check the Wahl Professional 5 Star Clippers as an alternative. You may relax knowing that its quality is also good per what we researched.


TOP Choice #1 Wahl Color Pro 9649P Clippers
Our Score:

Perfect Gift – Wahl clippers, trimmers, massagers, and shavers make great Christmas gifts for women and men. Give the gift of Wahl this holiday season.

Smooth, Easy Haircuts – With a variety of cutting lengths, adjusting the trim length is pain free. Quickly reference the color key on the face of the clipper and attach the corresponding colored clipper comb attachment.

Cordless Convenience – Color Pro Cordless is rechargeable and wireless. Cord/Cordless allows you to use the clipper on battery or when it's charging.

Hygienic Grooming – Since our blades are removable and rinsable they are easy to clean. Simply run them under water to wash away excess clippings and trimmings.

Color Coded Guide Combs – Finding and remembering everyone’s favorite hair length is easier than ever. Corresponding the correct comb to the right cutting length is simple with our easy-to-see attachment guards.

Grooming on the Go – With 60 minutes of run time, our Cordless Color Pro is great for travel, vacation, business trips, and more. Worldwide voltage means you can use no matter what country you’re in, 220v or dual voltage.

TOP Choice #2 Wahl Professional 5 Star Clippers
Our Score:

Wahl's Magic Clip uses our patented stagger-tooth blade and is designed for creating seamless blends and textures when hard or soft line fading and bulk hair removal with the freedom of a cordless clipper; the world's best-selling professional clipper!

The American-made Cordless Magic Clip comes with 8 attachment comb cutting guides (1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, and 1”), recharging transformer, cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, and operating instructions

It measures just 6.25” long and weighs only 10 ounces; featuring a stagger tooth top (#2161) blade and an adjustable taper lever. Power Frequency:120 Volt - 60 Hertz. Made in U.S.A.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continuous improvement, the product appearance may slightly vary from the product images on this listing

The Magic Clip wireless clipper makes a crisp, crunch sound allowing the barber or stylist to know hair is being cut resulting in a polished, finished look. Comes with a durable housing that is lightweight and ideal for all-day professional use

TOP Choice #3 Wahl USA Elite Pro 79602 Clippers
Our Score:

Powerful & Durable Motor - Quiet, low noise superior performance haircut machine

Limited Lifetime Warranty - For home use only, not valid if used as professional barber clippers. Not for international use, made for USA electrical wall outlets only. *Based on North American Dollar Sales

Upgrade Now - brand for hair clippers, beard & mustache trimmers. * Made in the U.S.A, this high-performance hair clipper is our best for hair cutting & grooming

4 Wahl 79424 Clipper
Our Score:

Adjustable Taper Lever – Easily change the closeness of your cut between guide comb lengths, move the lever up for the closest cut & move it down for a longer cut; allows for easy transitioning of blending & fading

Heavy Duty Motor – Our ultra-power heavy duty hair trimming system easily cuts the thickest hair with 35 percent more power than standard Wahl electromagnetic motor clippers

25 Piece Men's Grooming Kit – Includes the clipper, battery mini trimmer (AA required, not included), 14 attachment combs from 1/16” to 1”, blade oil, soft storage case, trimmer blade guard, cleaning brush, barber and styling comb, scissors, cape, eyebrow trim guide, ear trim guide, and English & Spanish instructions/styling guide

5 Wahl 79600 Clipper
Our Score:

A Smooth Cut Every Time - Self-sharpening precision ground blades cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer. Wahl clippers & trimmers are available in a variety of styles to meet your home hair cutting needs. From Lithium Ion cordless & rechargeable clippers to heavy-duty corded models

Cordless Battery Convenience - The power of corded clippers with the convenience of cordless; Exceptional performance with a long 2-hour run time allowing for multiple no-snag goof-proof haircuts on a single charge

Clipping & Trimming Combo - Kit features a powerful clipper and bonus touch up battery trimmer for achieving your desired style with multiple grooming lengths; Includes 10 smooth cutting attachment guards plus ear taper guards with large, easy to read sizes

6 Wahl 79524 Clipper
Our Score:

Complete Barbers Kit – Complete kit for at home haircuts & trimming, the Wahl home barber 30 piece kit offers multi-cut clippers, a cordless touch up trimmer, & a cordless personal trimmer with 2 attachment heads

Heavy Duty Motor – Our PowerDrive cutting system easily cuts the thickest hair with 35 percent more power than standard Wahl electromagnetic motor clippers; this powerful electric shaver cuts through the thickest of hair with no snags or pulls

Adjustable Taper Lever – Easily change the closeness of your cut between guide comb lengths, move the lever up for the closest cut & move it down for a longer cut; allows for easy transitioning of blending & fading

STYLISH AND FUNCTIONAL: The Detailer is a compact trimmer that offers an appealing aesthetic in addition to top notch precision and function; Excellent for lining and artwork, is extremely lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand for ultimate control

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The 5 Star Detailer measures only 5" long and weighs just 6.9 ounces; featuring a rotary motor, (#2215) blade, an 8 foot professional grade, chemical resistant power cord, and operates at 120V/60Hz

PROFESSIONAL PRECISION: Wahl's Professional 5 Star Detailer was designed to deliver the sharp performance that experts demand; specfically designed for extremely close trimming, clean and crisp lines, facial hair detailing and design, with faster cutting speed; intended for professional use only

8 Wahl Professional 5-Star 8110 Clippers
Our Score:
Wahl Professional

It measures only 6.25” long and weighs just 16 ounces, features a (#2105) blade and an 8-foot professional-grade, chemical-resistant power cord. Power Frequency:120 Volt - 60 Hertz. Made in U.S.A.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continuous improvement, the product appearance may slightly vary from the product images on this listing

It features a powerful electromagnetic motor that cuts at twice the speed of pivot motors. It offers barbers and stylists a surgically-close cut that makes it perfect for quick, precise, effortless skin and bald fades

Wahl Professional's 5-Star Balding Clipper is designed for ultra-close, full-size trimming, outlining, full head balding, and all-over even cuts

The American-made Balding Clipper comes with 2 attachment comb cutting guides (1/16" and 3/16"), styling comb, barber comb, cleaning brush, pre-shave brush, clipper blade oil, red blade guard and operating instructions

This American-made professional trimmer comes equipped with an adjustable T-wide blade (#2215) that can be zero-gapped using the Pro-Set tool (included), ideal for detailing, fine line trimming, and facial / beard trimming

The Cordless Detailer Li includes 3 trimming guides (1/16", 1/8", 3/16"), recharging transformer, recharging stand, pre-shave brush, cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, and operating instructions

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continuous improvement, the product appearance may slightly vary from the product images on this listing

The Detailer Li wireless trimmer measures 5.75" in length and weighs 6.6 ounces, with a lithium-ion battery with Smart LED charging, special housing grips for better control, and a (#2215) Adjustable T-Wide Blade. Power Frequency:120 Volt - 60 Hertz. Made in U.S.A.

The cordless Detailer Li trimmer is designed for extremely close trimming. It operates for 100+ minutes on a full charge and comes with a stylishly functional charge stand

10 Wahl USA 9854-600B Clippers
Our Score:

Quick Recharging – A lithium ion rechargeable battery equipped with 1-minute quick charge for 3 minutes of instant power and fast 1 hour charge time for up to 3.5 hours of run time. Worldwide voltage means you can use no matter what country you’re in, 100-240V

Self-Sharpening Blades – Wahl’s precision self-sharpening precision blades stay sharp longer and continuously sharpen over time; oil between every few beard trims to increase the longevity of your trimmer motor and blades

Multi Purpose – Included are 3 different attachment heads. A no snag trimmer head for beard and mustache trimming, a precision detail head for trimming small detail areas around the mustache, chin, goatee, and eyebrow areas, and a rotary trimming head for hygienic trimming of ear and nose hairs.

To Choose The good wahl clippers, What Criteria Do You Need To Study Before?

Almost all buyers are anxious about getting good wahl clippers. Whenever creating multiple purchases, various issues need to be resolved. Our market expertise will give you help to make the best shopping selection.

Please consider the following factors before selecting good wahl clippers:

Corded Vs. Cordless

Compared to corded clippers, cordless clippers are more user-friendly and can be used by anyone.

Hair Type

When cutting men's hair, it is crucial to think about thickness and density. Men with coarse, unruly or curly hair require more power and force from clippers, compared to those with straight or thin hair.


Increased weight usually means increased power. Because a hefty design is considered to be a sign of superior engineering and can even provide you with a more stable hand while cutting your hair, some men would rather choose a lightweight model for ease of movement. Additionally, cutting your hair requires a lot more precision and force than those on your face, so do not sacrifice on quality.


A lever-controlled clipper with detachable clips and different-length guard is the way to go if you want a professional-looking cut at home. Getting the same results each time you adjust the clippers is the key to a sleek, professional look.

Grooming Needs

Identify your grooming goals first,there are several different types of hair clippers, so determine what you want the result to be. You also need to consider how often you plan to use hair clippers to determine whether investing in a professional-level tool is worthwhile. Though beard trimmers are typically fine for hair clippers to be used on the face, beard and body clippers have extra speed and power.


How do I clean my Wahl clippers?

To clean your Wahl clippers, first turn off and unplug the clippers. Use a small brush to remove any hair clippings from the blades. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the blades and remove any excess hair. Once the blades are clean, apply a few drops of clipper oil to the blades and reassemble the clippers. Finally, wipe down the outside of the clippers with a clean, damp cloth.

How often should I oil my Wahl clippers?

It is recommended to oil your Wahl clippers before each use. This will help to keep the blades lubricated and running smoothly. It is also important to oil the blades after each use to ensure that any dirt or hair clippings are removed.

How do I replace the blades on my Wahl clippers?

To replace the blades on your Wahl clippers, first turn off and unplug the clippers. Remove the blade guard and use a screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold the blades in place. Carefully lift the blades off of the clipper and discard the old blades. Place the new blades on the clippers and secure with the screws. Reattach the blade guard and reassemble the clippers.

How do I use Wahl clippers?

Wahl clippers are easy to use and come with instructions. To begin, make sure the clipper is switched off and unplugged. Select the appropriate guard size, then attach the guard to the clipper blade. Plug the clipper into an outlet and switch it on. To cut the hair, start at the nape of the neck and move up the head in a smooth, steady motion. When finished, switch off the clipper and unplug it from the outlet.

Since merchandising consultant pros have a wide variety of expertise, the information above is presumed to be accurate. The data of good wahl clippers is also updated on a regular basis. You may feel confident that the data is current and accurate.

Please report any problems with good wahl clippers so that we can improve your experience. We'll work even harder to improve our quality as a consequence of your favorable comments!

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