The Good Hair Clippers For Home Use Of 2024

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Good Hair Clippers For Home Use
Good Hair Clippers For Home Use

The Rundown

1. Best Of The Best: Philips Norelco Hair Clippers

"The Philips Norelco Hair Clippers with 13 accessories for all your grooming needs, so you can get the perfect cut every time. Its oil-free design ensures maximum performance and the blades and shields are easy to remove and wash. Its DualCut technology provides maximum precision and the self-sharpening blades last up to two times longer." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Wahl Color Hair Clipper

"The Wahl Color Hair Clipper is an ideal choice for all your hair trimming needs. It features removable and washable blades with adjustable cutting lengths, allowing you to customize your trim to your exact preference. With its powerful motor and compact design, you can easily take it with you when you're on the go." Read Review

3. Best Quality: Andis 04710 Hair Clippers

"The Andis 04710 Hair Clippers Featuring a high power, high torque rotary motor and diamond-finished T-blades, these clippers provide dry, overlapping, ultra-close, clean cuts with no clumps or razor irritation. Durable and reliable, the Andis 04710 Hair Clippers will help you create the perfect style with ease." Read Review

4. Best Reliable: Remington HKVAC2000A Hair Clippers

"The Remington HKVAC2000A Hair Clippers with an 18-piece barber set features a powerful and innovative dual-motor system, which ensures a smooth and precise cut every time. The vacuum feature pulls trimmed hair into a removable collection chamber, making clean-up quick and easy." Read Review

5. Best Efficient: SURKER Mens Hair Clippers

"This SURKER Mens Hair Clippers features a long-lasting high carbon reinforced precision self-sharpening stainless steel blade that stays sharp and cuts with precision. It also includes a high-capacity battery that allows for up to 2 hours of cordless use. The adjustable cutting length allows you to customize your style while the ergonomic design ensures comfortable use." Read Review

When it comes to styling your hair, having the right tools can make all the difference. Good hair clippers are an essential part of any home grooming kit, allowing you to achieve a sharp and professional look without having to visit a barber. But with so many different models to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair of clippers.

The good news is that there are a variety of great clippers available for home use, and with the right information, you can find the perfect pair for your needs. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best hair clippers for home use, and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We'll cover different features to look for, the kinds of blades available, and the different types of clippers available. We'll also provide some tips on how to maintain your clippers and keep them in good working order. After reading this guide, you'll be well-equipped to find the perfect pair of clippers for your home grooming needs.

After nearly 18 hours of research, we were able to come up with many top products from prominent brands like Philips norelco, Wahl, Andis, Remington, Surker, Pritech, Bestbomg, Ufree, Comzio, Novah grooming, Hatteker, Vikicon, Resuxi. Among them, We think the good hair clippers for home use is Philips Norelco Hair Clippers. It features 13 accessories for all your grooming needs, so you can be sure you have the right tool for the job. The DualCut technology provides maximum precision and the self-sharpening blades stay sharp twice as long.  Alternatively, if you're simply looking for another option, you may go with Wahl Color Hair Clipper.

Our article today focuses mainly on giving you guidelines and tips to be able to buy the right product that best suits your needs. Explore with us right here.


TOP Choice #1 Philips Norelco Hair Clippers
Our Score:
Philips Norelco

Maximum precision with DualCut technology, which includes 2x more self-sharpening blades. The steel blades sharpen themselves as they work, resulting in blades that remain as sharp as day 1 after 2 years of use.

The MG3750 is the model number indicated on the packaging, it is part of the Multigroom 3000 series

Blades and Guards are easy to detach and rinse, For Hair Type: All Hair Types

TOP Choice #2 Wahl Color Hair Clipper
Our Score:

Smooth, Easy Haircuts – With a variety of cutting lengths, adjusting the trim length is pain free. Quickly reference the color key on the face of the clipper and attach the corresponding colored clipper comb attachment.

Grooming on the Go – With 60 minutes of run time, our Cordless Color Pro is great for travel, vacation, business trips, and more. Worldwide voltage means you can use no matter what country you’re in, 220v or dual voltage.

Hygienic Grooming – Since our blades are removable and rinsable they are easy to clean. Simply run them under water to wash away excess clippings and trimmings.

TOP Choice #3 Andis 04710 Hair Clippers
Our Score:

PRODUCT DETAILS: This Professional Beard and Hair Trimmer is 1.75 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches and weighs 11.2 ounces. This T-Blade is made of Alloy Steel with a Heavy-duty 8ft cord with a hanger loop for durability or longevity, suitable for the whole family home use and outside travel.

POWERFUL: With an 8-foot electric cord for heavy-duty cutting and a high-torque rotary motor with quality machines drive components to allow for professional-grade shaving at home, produce minimum noise, and preserve long-term availability.

BUMP FREE TECHNOLOGY: With diamond finished T blades feature provides dry trimming, zero overlaps, super-close, clean shave without causing razor bumps or irritation.

4 Remington HKVAC2000A Hair Clippers
Our Score:

COMPLETE HAIRCUT KIT: 18-piece kit with everything you need for haircuts at home

REMOVABLE HAIR CHAMBER: Trimmed hairs are collected for easy cleanup

DUAL MOTOR POWER: Innovative design drives the vacuum and trimmer blades

5 SURKER Mens Hair Clippers
Our Score:

ELECTRIC PROFESSIONAL HAIR CLIPPER - Designed for smooth, quick,and precise clipping performance on all types of hair with long lasting high-carbon enhanced self-sharpening precision stainless steel blades(Blade can be washed by water,easy to clean)

LENGTH ADJUSTMENT LEVER - The thumb taper lever on the left side enables easy haircut length adjusting From 0.8mm to 2.0mm

8 COLORFUL GUIDE COMBS & ADJUSTABLE CUTTING LENGTH - The adjustable taper lever of clipper allows customization of cutting lengths from 0.8mm to 2mm. Equipped with new style 8 color coded guide combs(1.5mm,3mm,4.5mm,6mm,10mm,13mm,16mm,19mm), making your haircut easy and funny

6 PRITECH Hair Clipper
Our Score:

【QUIET, POWERFUL MOTOR & HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY】 With a powerful and advanced electromagnetic motor that provides substantial power and speed without producing additional heat and noise. Thanks to low noise and safety blades, it is also very suitable for kids' or toddlers' haircuts. Built-in rechargeable 1200mAh premium and safer Lithium Ion battery cell powers the motor, offers up to 150 minutes of running time with charging 2 hours.

【SAFE AND CONVENIENT STANDING RECHARGE DOCK】 The trimmer also includes a safe and convenient standing recharge dock that allows you to charge your hair clipper without hunting for a cable. The charging base keeps the trimmer upright and saves space. The cordless design enables you to trim your hair anywhere, anytime, making it a convenient and safe option for your grooming needs.

【HAIR CLIPPERS GROOMING KIT】 This is also a complete barber set for cutting hair, which includes a styling comb, cleaning brush, instructions, charger with USB connection, and a full range of high-quality ABS plastic guard attachments (3/6/9/12mm) for different hair lengths.

7 BESTBOMG Hair Clippers
Our Score:

✔Rechargeable Beard Trimmer with Battery: The hair clipper is signal lighting up when it's charging or using. The trimmer’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery offers up to 240 minutes of operation time after a full 3-hour charge.

✔Time-tested and powerful yet very quiet motor: 8W heavy duty motorhair cutting machine enables you to cut through all kinds of hair with ease and efficiency all day long. The motor is not only powerful, but hair clipper cutting kit is also quiet, at only 65 db, quieter than many other models.

✔Lifetime cordless senior clipper blades for precision sharp cutting: Self-sharpening stainless steel blades in proper alignment for smooth cut, suitable for dry/wet hair style. No more snagging and pulling. They are engineered for long-lasting precision and premium cutting performance.

8 Ufree® Hair Clippers
Our Score:

【Grooming Kit for Men】 Ufree barber set as barber supplies was used in many barbershops. Whether for barber or personal use, you just need a set of  high-quality razor and solve all the things in hair. Perfect for men ,women,children. You can also give it to your lover as a birthday gift,Christmas gift, Valentine's Day gift.

【Stable and Reliable Quality】 Focus on details. Ufree clippers and trimmer set for men are constructed of an all metal unibody for ergonomic design. Truly take your barber skills to the another level with our turbo 2 speed options that gives your precision and power when needed.

【Powerful Motor, High Capacity Battery】The beard kit is equipped with a high-performance motor. So it is suitable for thickest hair and wet hair, not pulling hair, more efficient and faster. The noise is less than 60 decibels during operation, which won't bother anyone at all. The hair cutting kit built-in rechargeable 2000mAh high-quality lithium-ion battery, charged for 2.5 hours to provide up to 180 minutes of running time.

9 COMZIO Hair Clippers
Our Score:

HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY &ADJUSTABLE CUTTING LENGTH-CORDLESS DESIGN.Offers up to 5 hrs of running time with charging 3 hrs,LED light indicates battery level.The USB cable can compatible with any USB charger interface.You can walk away from the charger while using maximum mobility and convenience.The thumb taper lever on the left side enables easy haircut length adjusting From 0.5mm to 2mm. making your haircut easy and funny and to give the freshest cuts to the men who walk the streets in confidence

ELECTRIC PROFESSIONAL HAIR CLIPPER&LED DISPLAY-Designed for smooth,quick,and precise clipping performance on all types of hair with long lasting high-carbon enhanced self-sharpening precision stainless steel blade.Built-in digital display to show the remaining charge level as well as charging status and lubrication reminder indicators.Our ultra high definition LED display gives you all the information to ensure you're using the right speed and your power levels to do your thing without a hitch

Add to Cart-Easy,cost-effective hair trimmer &grooming at home. Low-noise for stress free grooming. Save time and money doing it yourself. Self-Sharpening Precision Blades–Provide snag-free cutting,our high-carbon blades remain sharp for smooth grooming that creates a pleasant experience for you; 20% More torque easily powers through thick coats quickly and comfortably; COMZIO Hair Clippers & Grooming kits are the brand of choice for those who seek high-quality.The charging adapter(NOT included)

10 Novah® Professional Hair Clippers
Our Score:
NOVAH Grooming

INDUSTRY LEADING PRECISION - It's all about the details. Our Novah wireless hair clipper set gives you the versatility to shape, outline and produce the most defined look in the palm of your hands. Take ownership of they way you look and feel with our premium hair cutting kit. Power through the thickest of hairs with our industry leading clippers and create the most precise edges with our supreme outline trimmer

A LEVEL ABOVE THE REST - There are many mens hair clippers to choose from, but with decades on experience in working the world's best professionals, we have designed a mens clipper that is limitless. With 6 premium guards, a variable gauge adjustable head, 4 trimmer guards and the sharpest blades on the market, your ability to create is truly without limitation

PRO TESTED, CREATED FOR ALL - Our Novah barber kit has been tested in some the best barbershops around the world to do what they do best. Our barber clippers professional sets are being used worldwide to give precision cuts to the men who walk the walk. We have brought our most trusted professional cordless hair clippers to now be available to all

What to Look For in a good hair clippers for home use?

Often buyers are reluctant to buy good hair clippers for home use. When considering a large purchase, certain things should be examined. Our knowledge and experience of good hair clippers for home use will help in making the best options.

Please keep in mind the following criterial before selecting the good hair clippers for home use:


Increased weight usually means increased power. Because a hefty design is considered to be a sign of superior engineering and can even provide you with a more stable hand while cutting your hair, some men would rather choose a lightweight model for ease of movement. Additionally, cutting your hair requires a lot more precision and force than those on your face, so do not sacrifice on quality.

Hair Type

When cutting men's hair, it is crucial to think about thickness and density. Men with coarse, unruly or curly hair require more power and force from clippers, compared to those with straight or thin hair.


A lever-controlled clipper with detachable clips and different-length guard is the way to go if you want a professional-looking cut at home. Getting the same results each time you adjust the clippers is the key to a sleek, professional look.

Corded Vs. Cordless

Compared to corded clippers, cordless clippers are more user-friendly and can be used by anyone.

Grooming Needs

Identify your grooming goals first,there are several different types of hair clippers, so determine what you want the result to be. You also need to consider how often you plan to use hair clippers to determine whether investing in a professional-level tool is worthwhile. Though beard trimmers are typically fine for hair clippers to be used on the face, beard and body clippers have extra speed and power.


What are the benefits of using hair clippers for home use?

Using hair clippers for home use can save you time and money compared to visiting a barber or salon. It allows you to groom and style your hair to your own liking, and can be used to keep your hair cut or trimmed. It also offers convenience and flexibility since you can use the clippers anytime and anywhere.

What should I look for when purchasing a hair clipper?

When purchasing a hair clipper, it is important to look for one that is of good quality and has the features you need. Look for a clipper that is easy to use and powerful enough to cut through your hair. It should also come with several attachments and guards to help you achieve different lengths for your hair.

What should I do if my hair clippers start to pull or snag my hair?

If your hair clippers start to pull or snag your hair, first check the blades to make sure they are clean and free of hair and debris. If they are, then make sure that the blades are properly aligned and oiled. If the blades still pull your hair, it may be time to replace them. It is also a good idea to check the tension of the clipper blades, as this could also be causing the problem.

What is the best hair clipper for home use?

The best hair clipper for home use depends on your specific needs and budget. Generally, higher-end hair clippers are more powerful, offer more attachments and accessories, and allow for more precise cuts. However, lower-end clippers are usually more affordable and can still provide good results.

How often should I replace the blades on my hair clipper?

The blades on your hair clipper should be replaced every 6-8 months or as soon as they become dull. Dull blades can cause tugging and pulling during cutting, which can be uncomfortable and damaging to the hair.

What is the best way to clean and maintain my hair clipper?

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hair clipper is essential for optimal performance. After each use, clean the blades with a soft damp cloth, then use a brush to remove any hair from the blades. Additionally, you should oil the blades regularly to keep them running smoothly and reduce wear and tear.

When new data becomes available, we routinely adjust the list of good hair clippers for home use. Please do regularly visit our website for the most up-to-date news.

If you have any questions or difficulties with good hair clippers for home use, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll try our best to do everything we can to assist you if you ask!

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