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WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball
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1. Best Overall: WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball

"With a traditional panel design and performance for any and every match, the WILSON Traditional is the first choice for the backyard, street or pitch. This machine-sewn ball has the classic black and white panel design with silver ACcents. The Traditional comes with a synthetic leather cover for increased durability, proper inflation level of 8 10 psi, and recreational use." Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Adidas Starlancer V Club Soccer Ball

"Get your game on with the adidas Starlancer V soccer ball. This ball is made for players of all skill levels and ages, with a size 5 ball suggested for ages 12+. With a machine-stitched construction for high durability and a butyl bladder for best air retention, this ball is perfect for any game." Read Review

3. Best Reliable: WILSON NCAA Copia II Soccer Ball

"The Wilson NCAA Copia II Soccer Ball is designed for beginners to learn the game of soccer. Developed with a carcass windings for optimal shape retention, a composite leather cover for lasting durability, and performance butyl bladder designed for balanced shape with consistent rebound and lasting air retention." Read Review

4. Best Style: American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball

"This ball was designed for grass fields. This ball is suitable for youth players. The ball is suitable for all levels of play, so it should not be a problem finding the right size. The Brasilia ball is a medium level ball meant for youth players, so it's perfect for beginners and kids who still need some guidance in their game." Read Review

Playing soccer is great fun if you have a team of players that can keep up with you. That’s why you need a ball that is suited for playing with others. When it comes to choosing a ball, there are a lot of things to consider.

If you are new to soccer, then you might not know what to look for. Keep in mind that no matter the level of player you are, sooner or later you will want to practice your skills against another person. A teammate can help you if they are near by; however, if you plan to travel and play soccer often, then you might want to reconsider your team support. Soccer is one of the most popular games on the planet and it's growing in popularity every year stronger than ever before. So it's no surprise that many companies have gotten into the action as well.

We think the best value soccer ball that is available now is WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball. We also provide you with Adidas Starlancer V Club Soccer Ball model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice. And bellow are the helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.


TOP Choice #1 WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball
Our Score:

Butyl rubber bladder for excellent air and shape retention

For soccer purists, The Traditional is the first choice for the backyard, street or pitch. This machine-sewn ball has the classic black and white panel design and performance for any and every match.

Traditional panel graphics with silver ACcents

Synthetic leather cover for increased durability

Proper inflation level: 8 10 psi

Recreational use

Packaging may vary

TOP Choice #2 Adidas Starlancer V Club Soccer Ball
Our Score:

Size 5 ball (official size) suggested for ages 12+

Requires inflation

Machine-stitched construction for high durability

Club soccer ball

Butyl bladder for best air retention

TOP Choice #3 WILSON NCAA Copia II Soccer Ball
Our Score:

Carcass windings for optimal shape retention

Composite leather cover for lasting durability

Performance butyl bladder designed for balanced shape with consistent rebound and lasting air retention

Proper Inflation Level: 8-10 PSI

Size 3: Ages 8 & Under

4 American Challenge Brasilia Soccer Ball
Our Score:
American Challenge

This ball was designed for grass fields

OUTER CASING MATERIAL: 3.25mm TPU material -BACKING MATERIAL: 2 layers of poly/cotton lining

STITCHING: Machine stitched - BLADDER: Hybrid SR bladder

PLEASE NOTE: The balls do not come inflated - The Brasilia ball is a medium level ball meant for youth players

American Challenge: A Brand You Can Trust. Since 1973 This is a great youth ball

5 GoSports Premier Soccer Ball
Our Score:

SIX PACK: A much better bargain per ball and the most popular choice for parents, coaches, camps, schools, and anyone tired of chasing after one ball

SYNTHETIC LEATHER: Resists abrasions and provides optimum feel

PREMIER TRAINING BALLS: Machine stitched construction with internal butyl bladder for sustained performance and long-lasting durability

PERFORMANCE BALL: Great all-around ball for training, scrimmages and games

BONUS ITEMS: Includes premium inflation pump to always keep balls inflated to the correct level and mesh carrying bag to store the balls.SIZE 4: Ages 8 to 12

6 GoSports Classic Soccer Ball
Our Score:

SIX PACK: A much better bargain per ball and the most popular choice for parents, coaches, camps, schools, and anyone tired of chasing after one ball

AIR RETENTION: Butyl rubber bladder for maintaining roundness and air pressure from competitive and recreational play

DURABLE COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION: The sturdy synthetic leather construction provides increased durability and a soft touch feel

SIZE 5 BALLS: Ages 12 and older

7 Western Star Soccer Ball
Our Score:
Western Star

Responsive Touch: Our internal butyl bladder, offers a responsive and predictable bounce.

Stand out from the Crowd: Get people's attention with our unique design. Our trademarked helix design is wildly popular!

Reliability: Don't worry about our balls wearing down on you. We can stand up to over 1 year of normal use

Training: As soon as you pick up our balls, you can feel the quality. Perfect for game balls and the more serious athletes

Better Value: Get the same quality as the top brands for a fraction of the price!

8 Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball
Our Score:

Ball ships deflated. Inflation is required. Pump not included.

Soccer Ball Size 5

5.Tips:The reflective effect only appears in the camera; this is not a self-luminous soccer ball.The ball you receive is not inflated.

4.Special gift: The size 5 soccer ball is not only used for playing and training,but also a unique gift for girls,boys on birthday,Christmas.

3.Official size and weight ball: The ball with size 5 is suitable for both adults and teenagers.Ideal for indoor and outdoor play.

2.New bright pattern:Neon color cover under light catches your eyes when you play.

1.Soft Leather Material: indoor outdoor leather with nylon windings make a ball better durable. Soft leather will not hurt your feet.

CLASSIC LOOK: Traditional black & white panel design of classic soccer balls

CONSTRUCTION: 32 panels machine sewn construction

TOUCH & DURABILITY: PU leather cover offers great first touch and increased durability for endless hours of play

STAYS INFLATED: Butyl rubber bladder is used on the interior of the soccer ball for excellent air and shape retention

INCLUDES: (12) Premium Size 5 Soccer Balls, (1) Premium Hand Pump, and Inflation Needles.

What to Look For in a best value soccer ball?

The best value soccer ball is the standard appliance in your life. Seeing that the item is introduced with many models with distinct functions and features, several challenges in selecting. However, anything has its solution, not except for that. We, the high-qualified expert in this area, will be available here to give you support.

Of course, looking for the best value soccer ball which suits you most requires many criteria to consider. You are projected to think carefully about each of the features below so that your choice will be appropriate:


A soccer ball has two major parts: the bladder (the inner part) and the casing (the outer one). The bladder stores the air in the inside, and the shell covers the balls outer surface.

Intended Use Of The Ball

Prior to buying your first ball, think carefully about the intended purpose. For each occasion or terrain, there is a special soccer ball. These soccer balls can be used indoors, outdoors, on the beach or professionally.


It is possible to influence the search by deciding how much you will pay for the ball. The price of a soccer ball will vary depending upon its type and make. It is best to choose an affordable ball for play, as children are more likely to damage the ball and become bored quickly. It is also true for kids who participate in a soccer league. The ball will eventually grow out of reach, so a more expensive ball is necessary.
Do your research, even if you're willing to spend a lot of money on a ball. It doesn't necessarily have to be the highest quality soccer ball on the market.

Bladder Type

The two most important types of bladders that are used to make soccer balls are:
Latex – Gives the ball a good bounce. It is also softer.
Butyl, excellent for air retention
The natural loss of air in latex bladders is faster than that of butyl. Butyl bladders can keep air for 2-3 weeks while latex bladders must be replaced at least weekly.
Futsal bladders can be filled with foam in order to dampen their bounce.


It is common to have many layers between the bladder's cover and the lining, which gives strength. In order to provide softness, it is common for a foam layer to be included. This makes it easy to distinguish high-quality balls from lower-quality models.

Cover Construction

The soccer ball cover, which is the outermost layer of the construction of the ball, is manufactured from synthetic leather. A PU cover is a better choice. PVC may be used on some of the lower-end training ball models.
32 panels make up the most standard panel. Modern modern balls come in either an 18-panel, or 26panel design. If you kick with force, 32 panel balls will give you a more accurate flight.
All high quality ball have the panels made by hand. Most middle-quality balls have machine-stitching. It is common to find low-end balls for promotion, training or recreation. This creates a tougher feel.


Soccer balls are available in many different sizes. There are five different sizes available and which size is best for you depends on your age. It is recommended to consult the coach prior to purchasing.


How Is A Soccer Ball Affected By Temperature?

Both the bounce and the distance a ball travels will be affected by how hot it is. A soccer ball with high temperatures is more likely to bounce in hot conditions than one that's in colder weather. It is due to the expansion of molecules within the balls that increases the heat energy.

Why Do Soccer Balls Lose Air?

The air in soccer balls is lost over time. Because the oxygen and nitrogen in the air tend to escape through the small holes between rubber molecules. The construction of the bladder will affect how fast the ball loses air. The bladder constructed from butyl will hold the ball's air longer than the bladder made out of latex.

How Much Does A Soccer Ball Weigh?

A soccer ball's weight will depend on the size it is. The sizes 5, 4, 3, 3 and 2 of a soccer ball have different weights depending on their size. This is to accommodate the varied ages of the players. A size 5 typically weighs between 14-16 and 12-13 ounces, a size 4 weights 12-13, a size 3 weighs 11-12, whereas sizing 3 or 2 can weigh 6-10.

How To Check Soccer Ball Pressure?

You can use an air pressure gauge to accurately measure soccer ball pressure. One of these gauges is best to determine the ball's pressure after inflation and before using it. Most air pressure gauges have an analog dial, although there are some digital ones. Numerous gauges come with markings at the dials which indicate what pressure is required for each sport. Some football gall pressure gauges have markings that can be applied to FUTSAL soccer soccer balls.

What Is A Glider Ball In Soccer?

A glider soccer ball is used mostly for practicing or to play recreational games. Glider soccer balls are more stable than regular match balls. Glider soccer balls have lower quality materials that official matchballs. This is why glider balls cost so little. Adidas manufactures quality glider balls which are both affordable and of high quality.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Soccer Balls?

Indoor soccer balls often have felt like tennis balls. Since these indoor soccer balls are intended to play on artificial grass or turf, they need to have the appropriate bounce and rebound. Indoor soccer balls come in all sizes, just like outdoor soccer balls.

What Is The Optimal Air Pressure For A Soccer Ball?

It is recommended that the pressure of the soccer ball should be between 15.6 and 8.5 PSI. This will allow for maximum output. It would be difficult to kick if the pressure was less than 8.5. However, a higher than 15.6 PSI would cause the ball to bounce too much and make it difficult to control. These air pressures are applicable to size 3., size 4 and 5.

Look through again. The brand of product you choose will affect the options available to you. Moreover, pricer models will offer more customization options. We've covered top-scoring models varying at some price. So you have more choices to consider. Furthermore, our staff will update the info related to best value soccer ball with the newest data. Let check our site more regularly to get the latest options.

If you want to take practical support from our expert, don't hesitate to give us feedback. Please feel free to contact us. Hopefully, with our buying guide, you can have a happy shopping for the product.

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