The 10 Best Lightweight Shorts For 2024

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Best Lightweight Shorts
Best Lightweight Shorts

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1. Best Overall: Amazon Essentials Men's Shorts

"The Amazon Essentials Men's Shorts are the perfect choice for any active lifestyle. Made with lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable active stretch fabric, they feature a relaxed fit through the hip, thigh, and leg." Read Review

2. Runner Up: Under Armour Men's Shorts

"These Under Armour Men's Shorts feature UA Tech fabric that is quick-drying, ultra-soft, and has a more natural feel. The material is designed to wick sweat and dry quickly, making these shorts perfect for any activity." Read Review

3. Best Efficient: Under Armour Women's Shorts

"The Under Armour Women's Shorts are perfect for any active lifestyle. Made with lightweight woven fabric, these shorts offer superior comfort and durability. The material is designed to wick away sweat and dry quickly, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry." Read Review

4. Best Quality: Levi's Women's Shorts

"This season, Levi's Women's Shorts are the perfect stylish and comfortable choice. The high-rise cut and slim fit through the hip provide a flattering silhouette with a classic button fly. The fabric is true to size and non-stretch for all-day comfort." Read Review

5. Best Design: Just My Size Women's Shorts

"Just My Size Women's Shorts are the perfect summertime staple. Crafted from a soft jersey fabric, these shorts will make you feel comfortable and cool all day. With a wide 2" ribbed elastic waistband, you can easily move without the fuss of a drawstring." Read Review

Are you looking for a pair of shorts that are lightweight and comfortable? If so, you're in the right place! Lightweight shorts are essential for those hot summer days when you want to stay cool and comfortable. Whether heading to the beach, running errands around town, or just lounging around the house, lightweight shorts are a great option.

But with so many different lightweight shorts on the market, choosing the right pair for you can be hard. That's why we've rounded up some of the best lightweight shorts for men and women. From classic cotton shorts to silky smooth performance shorts, we'll help you find the perfect pair to keep you cool and comfortable all summer. So if you're looking for the best lightweight shorts, read on to learn more!

We think the best lightweight shorts that is available now is Amazon Essentials Men's Shorts. Crafted from a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, these pants ensure you stay cool and dry during your most intense workouts. We also provide you with a Under Armour Men's Shorts model that you may consider if the top product is not your choice. And bellow is the helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.


TOP Choice #1 Amazon Essentials Men's Shorts
Our Score:
Amazon Essentials

Crafted from a moisture-wicking and breathable fabric, these pants ensure you stay cool and dry during your most intense workouts. The honeycomb stitch design adds a stylish touch to the overall look. These pants feature a relaxed fit through the hip, thigh, and leg, offering freedom of movement and a comfortable feel. The elasticized waistband provides a secure fit, while the internal adjustable drawstring allows for a personalized fit to suit your preference. 

Designed with convenience, these pants have two side pockets, allowing you to store small essentials while on the go. Keep your keys, phone, or other items securely within reach during your workouts. Whether engaged in a high-intensity training session or simply enjoying a stroll, these pants are designed to enhance your performance and keep you comfortable throughout. However, it may be a bit thin. 

TOP Choice #2 Under Armour Men's Shorts
Our Score:
Under Armour

These athletic shorts are crafted from UA Tech fabric, which offers unrivaled comfort and performance. This innovative material is quick-drying and incredibly soft, providing a natural feel against the skin. You can say goodbye to discomfort caused by sweat as the fabric efficiently wicks away moisture, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable even during intense workouts.

Featuring an encased elastic waistband, these pants offer a secure and adjustable fit. The internal draw cord lets you personalize the waistband's tightness, providing a snug and comfortable feel. Whether you're engaged in rigorous exercise or simply going about your daily activities, these shorts offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. Designed with convenience, these pants come equipped with mesh hand pockets. These pockets provide a handy storage solution for small essentials such as keys, cards, or even a smartphone. Unfortunately, it may be a little long.

TOP Choice #3 Under Armour Women's Shorts
Our Score:
Under Armour

These lightweight woven shorts are as durable as they are comfortable. The fabric used in these shorts is specifically designed to deliver superior comfort and long-lasting durability, making them perfect for your active lifestyle. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by sweat as the material effectively wicks away moisture, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

Thanks to the super-breathable mesh panels strategically placed on these shorts, excess heat is efficiently released, keeping you cool and well-ventilated even during intense activities. Including a built-in brief provides enhanced coverage and support, allowing you to move freely and confidently. These shorts have an ultra-comfortable and soft knit waistband, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The internal drawcord allows you to customize the waistband's tightness to suit your preference, providing a personalized and snug feel. Nevertheless, its fit may be slightly different with different colors. 

4 Levi's Women's Shorts
Our Score:

These high-rise jeans are designed to flatter with their slim fit through the hip and a button fly closure. With a true-to-size fit, these jeans offer a classic and comfortable style. Made from non-stretch fabric, they provide a structured and authentic look for casual wear. The high-rise waistline adds a touch of sophistication and elongates the silhouette, while the slim fit through the hip offers a flattering and streamlined appearance. 

Moreover, the button fly closure adds a vintage-inspired detail, lending a timeless charm to these jeans. True to size, these jeans ensure a comfortable and accurate fit. Additionally, the non-stretch fabric offers a sturdy and durable feel, making these jeans suitable for everyday wear. Whether running errands, meeting friends, or simply enjoying a day out, these jeans are versatile and stylish. The only minor downside of these shorts is that they may be a bit tight from the thigh area.

5 Just My Size Women's Shorts
Our Score:

Indulge in luxurious comfort with these shorts made from incredibly soft jersey fabric. The fabric's texture feels delightful against the skin, ensuring a pleasant and cozy wearing experience. Designed for convenience, these shorts eliminate the need for a drawstring with their wide 2" ribbed elastic waistband. This feature allows for easy movement and a comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy unrestricted daily mobility.

These shorts feature side slash pockets and a practical storage solution for your keys, cell phone, or other essentials. Keep your belongings within reach while on the go without compromising style or convenience. The pull-on styling of these shorts, combined with the hem vents, provides effortless movement and a comfortable fit that moves with you. Whether running errands or engaging in light activities, these shorts offer optimal comfort and flexibility. Nonetheless, it may be a bit baggy. 

6 Liberty Imports Women's Short
Our Score:
Liberty Imports

These cute, soft, and comfortable shorts will elevate your activewear collection. They are perfect for your workout apparel, offering style and functionality. These shorts are designed with quick-dry capabilities and are made from light, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric. This ensures that sweat is efficiently wicked away, keeping you cool and dry during any sport or physical activity. 

These shorts feature deep mesh pockets and provide a convenient storage solution for your phone and other small essentials. You can confidently carry your belongings without worrying about them falling out during workouts. Additionally, with a loose fit and a 5-inch inseam, these shorts offer a longer length and a more relaxed feel. The elastic waistband and the internal drawstring allow for a custom and secure fit, ensuring comfort and support during your activities. However, its zipper could be better.

7 Lee Men's Short
Our Score:

Designed with a straight fit from the seat through the thigh, these shorts offer a tailored yet casual appearance that keeps you comfortable all day. The flex waistband adds extra comfort, allowing for ease of movement without compromising style. Additionally, the athletic details like mesh pockets, a flex waistband, and Active Comfort Fabric enhance the comfort and functionality of these shorts.

On top of that, these shorts feature classic styling with a timeless appeal. Perfect for everyday wear, they effortlessly combine performance features with a versatile design. Whether heading for a casual lunch or spending a day in the park, these shorts will elevate your outfit with effortless style and provide all-day comfort. These shorts are designed to offer work-to-play versatility, making them suitable for various occasions. Unfortunately, it may wrinkle a little after washing.

8 THE GYM PEOPLE Women's Shorts
Our Score:

Occasion: The Athletic Shorts perfect for all kinds of sports, such as running, workout, gym, fitness, jogging, volleyball and even relaxing at home.

Quick-Dry Fabric: The Summer Gym Shorts made with 4-Way-Stretch, and moisture-wicking fabric. Skin friendly and durable to keep you comfortable and focused during workout.

High Waisted Design: The Workout Shorts with Wide Elastic Waistband provides tummy control and offering stay-put coverage as you move.

Built-in Liner: The Running Shorts are double-layered Design. Inner Lightweight Liner offers extra coverage. Outer layer has side slit design provide greater range of movement and breathable function.

Utility Pockets: Hidden waistband pocket, keeping your keys and cards within reach. Back waistband zipper pocket to store your essentials properly, no worries when workout.

9 Nike Men's Shorts
Our Score:

Dri-FIT technology helps you stay dry, comfortable and focused

Elastic waistband is lined with mesh for breathability and has a drawcord

Stretchy waistband is lined with mesh for breathability

10 Levi's Women's Shorts
Our Score:


Size Up

High Rise; Slim Thigh; Button fly

What to Look For in a best lightweight shorts?

You may think purchasing seems simple, and it sometimes does the opposite! Studying the outcome of best lightweight shorts will take a considerable amount of time. Also, there are multiple sides of best lightweight shorts you need to check. That’s the reason why we’re all ready to assist you with best lightweight shorts issue.

You should pay more attention to the following criteria of best lightweight shorts in 2024:


It is important to choose the right length according to your height. Your shorts should be approximately one third of your leg. It gives you the most proportions, and the best look.
This rule states that shorts must always be at least 2 inches above the knee. A good starting point for most men is 2-3 inches above their knees.
This can be achieved by finding the right inseam length to match your height. It is crucial that you find the perfect inseam length to ensure your shorts are comfortable and stylish.


Although colors can vary depending on your mood, it is easy to recall that the core colors of your wardrobe (blue/grey/brown, etc.) are what you should be wearing. The most versatile colors will be those that aren't too bright, such as the mint and salmon pastels. These colors will make the best outfits and be vibrant.

Type Of Fit

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your shorts, there are two options.
The slim-fit provides a tailored look and feel. They taper the legs but allow for plenty of movement.
For larger-built men and men with long legs, classic-cut shorts are a good choice. They have a slim silhouette but don't taper down as much.


Once you've found the right inseam length for your shorts and the fit that suits you, you should discuss what fabrics you might be able to choose from.
Cotton is the most common material for shorts, however there are many other options depending on what you're wearing and how you dress.
You can choose fabrics for different weather conditions. For example, you might want to use a lighter fabric in very warm temperatures than cotton.


What are lightweight shorts?

Lightweight shorts are shorts that are made from lightweight materials such as cotton, linen, or synthetic fabrics. They are designed to be breathable and comfortable in warm weather. They are typically shorter than regular shorts and may have a drawstring waist.

What are the benefits of wearing lightweight shorts?

Lightweight shorts provide increased breathability, which helps keep you cool in hot weather. They are also lightweight and easy to pack for travel. Additionally, they are often more comfortable to wear than regular shorts.

How should I care for lightweight shorts?

It is best to follow the care instructions on the garment label. Generally, lightweight shorts should be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat. After washing, it is recommended that you hang them up to air dry.

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