The Best Electric Portable Grills For 2024

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Best Electric Portable Grills
Best Electric Portable Grills

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Elite Gourmet Electric Grill

"The Elite Gourmet Electric Grill is a versatile and convenient grilling option for your family. With a large 14" grilling surface, you can cook multiple items at once, making meal prep a breeze." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Hamilton Beach Electric Grill

"This Hamilton Beach indoor barbecue allows you to cook your favorite foods all year round, regardless of the weather. There is no need for a large, time-consuming outdoor barbecue that requires propane, charcoal, or lighter fluid to heat." Read Review

3. Best Versatile: Aroma Housewares Electric Grill

"This electric grill is a versatile and multi-purpose kitchen appliance that allows you to cook various dishes easily. With the ability to adjust the temperature from 300° to 450°F, you can grill meats and veggies at high temperatures, slow-cook pot roasts, and everything in between." Read Review

4. Best Easy to Clean: CUSIMAX Electric Grill

"The CUSIMAX Electric Grill is a convenient and easy-to-use appliance for all your grilling needs. With a user-friendly LED smart display, you can easily adjust the temperature from 200℉ to 450℉ to achieve the perfect cooking results every time." Read Review

5. Best Adjustable: Techwood Electric Grill

"The Techwood Electric Grill is perfect for those who love to grill but don't have the space for a traditional charcoal or propane grill. With 240 square inches of grilling surface, you can easily make over 15 servings for your family and friends." Read Review

Unlike their bulky predecessors, electric portable grills promise the sizzle and flavor of outdoor cooking without the hassle of charcoal or propane. They're designed for the modern foodie, offering convenience, efficiency, and the tantalizing aroma of grilled delights anywhere you go. Whether you're tailgating, camping, or simply craving a backyard barbecue experience in a compact urban setting, these innovative appliances bring the joy of grilling to new heights.

In our quest to uncover the finest options among the myriad of choices flooding the market, we at Kris Van Assche have meticulously scrutinized many electric portable grills. From sleek, space-saving designs to robust cooking performance, our curated selection represents the pinnacle of culinary convenience. 

After doing extensive study and analysis over a 17 hours, We think the best electric portable grills is Elite Gourmet Electric Grill. Its generous 14" grilling surface accommodates a variety of foods simultaneously, from succulent steaks to savory ribs and delicate salmon fillets. You can consider Hamilton Beach Electric Grill as an alternative if you're still undecided. Other suggestions on this list are worth considering, and we've put up a helpful shopping guide to help you decide!


TOP Choice #1 Elite Gourmet Electric Grill
Our Score:
Elite Gourmet

The Elite Gourmet Electric Grill brings the sizzle of outdoor barbecues right into your kitchen, ensuring delightful meals for your family regardless of the weather outside. Its generous 14" grilling surface accommodates a variety of foods simultaneously, from succulent steaks to savory ribs and delicate salmon fillets.

The removable 120V/1300W thermostat control with 5 adjustable settings up to 450°F grants precise heat control for perfect grilling results. Additionally, the nonstick coating ensures hassle-free cooking and cleaning, promising an enjoyable grilling experience. The only downside is that it may not cook evenly across the surface, but fear not, a simple rotation of your ingredients halfway through can easily mitigate this minor setback.

If you're a home cook looking to enjoy the flavors of outdoor grilling without the hassle, the Elite Gourmet Electric Grill is for you. It's ideal for families who love barbecue but prefer the convenience and comfort of indoor cooking. At a price that won't break the bank, it's a perfect addition to any kitchen for those who want to grill year-round without worrying about the weather.

TOP Choice #2 Hamilton Beach Electric Grill
Our Score:
Hamilton Beach

Indulge in the flavors of outdoor grilling from the comfort of your home with the Hamilton Beach Electric Grill. Equipped with a high searing heat of 450°F, this indoor grill ensures your steaks, burgers, and veggies are infused with mouthwatering flavors while locking in juices for succulent results. The convenient lid window allows you to keep a watchful eye on your culinary creations without losing heat, ensuring every dish is cooked to perfection.

From quick grilled shrimp to hearty chicken, this grill's versatile temperature settings, ranging from 200°F to 450°F, cater to all your grilling needs. The nonstick grilling plate prevents food from clinging to this indoor electric grill while cooking and is removable and dishwasher safe, eliminating the need for constant scraping to remove stuck-on foods.

For those who refuse to let the weather dictate their grilling plans, the Hamilton Beach Electric Grill offers the perfect indoor grilling solution. Ideal for busy individuals or families craving the taste of summer BBQs year-round, this grill delivers both convenience and flavor. While it might require additional time to cook larger quantities of meat, it's a minor consideration.

TOP Choice #3 Aroma Housewares Electric Grill
Our Score:
Aroma Housewares

Unleash your culinary creativity with the Aroma Housewares Electric Grill, a versatile appliance that simplifies your cooking experience. Whether grilling, simmering, or stewing, this 3-in-1 cooking pot delivers exceptional results with every use. The tempered glass lid not only allows you to monitor your food as it cooks but also minimizes splatters and spills, ensuring a mess-free cooking environment.

With adjustable temperature settings ranging from 300°F to 450°F, you can easily grill meats to perfection or simmer hearty stews. The nonstick grill surface prevents food from sticking, guaranteeing hassle-free cooking and easy cleanup. Nonetheless, it would be best if the cord could be longer.

Perfect for culinary enthusiasts seeking versatility and convenience, the Aroma Housewares Electric Grill is a game-changer in the kitchen. Whether you're a seasoned chef experimenting with different cooking techniques or a busy individual looking for a reliable cooking companion, this grill will surely impress. Its compact size makes it ideal for small kitchens or apartments, while its multifunctionality ensures it's not just another kitchen appliance gathering dust.

4 CUSIMAX Electric Grill
Our Score:

The CUSIMAX Electric Grill is a godsend for those craving the smoky succulence of barbecue without the hassle of outdoor setups. Its Turbo Smoke Extractor ensures minimal smoke, sparing you from setting off alarms or turning your home into a cloud of BBQ aroma. The Double U heating tubes heat up swiftly and evenly, offering a juicy, perfectly cooked steak reminiscent of charcoal grills.

Cleaning up after a barbecue feast is often a chore, but not with the CUSIMAX. Its non-stick coating and detachable parts make cleaning a breeze, while the dishwasher-safe components further simplify maintenance. Plus, the ultra-clear LED display lets you monitor and adjust temperatures effortlessly, ensuring precise cooking every time.

If you're seeking the convenience of indoor grilling without sacrificing the authentic barbecue taste, the CUSIMAX Electric Grill is your answer. Perfect for apartment dwellers, RV owners, or anyone keen on hassle-free BBQ sessions at home, this grill caters to those who value flavor, convenience, and easy cleanup. Nonetheless, the handle at the top might occasionally come loose. But fear not, a simple tightening or DIY fix should address this minor inconvenience, ensuring uninterrupted grilling pleasure.

5 Techwood Electric Grill
Our Score:

The Techwood Electric Grill is a boon for those living in apartments or areas where traditional grilling methods are impractical. With its fully electric system, this grill eliminates the need for charcoal or propane, ensuring hassle-free cooking indoors or on patios. The rapid cycle heating, facilitated by the interlocking hood and bowl, guarantees even cooking and deliciously tender meat.

Adjusting the temperature is a breeze with the intuitive controls, allowing you to fine-tune the heat to perfection. The double-sided non-stick cooking grates ensure easy cleanup, while the venting system effectively dissipates heat, preserving the juiciness of your steaks. The only drawback is that the institutions are not very clear. However, with a bit of experimentation, mastering this grill's functionality is well worth the effort.

For apartment residents, patio lovers, or anyone seeking a convenient, high-quality grilling experience, the Techwood Electric Grill fits the bill perfectly. Its compact size and electric operation make it ideal for small spaces, while its ample grilling surface accommodates large gatherings with ease. 

6 Mueller Austria Electric Grill
Our Score:
Mueller Austria

The Mueller Austria Electric Grill offers the best of both worlds, combining a grill and griddle in one compact unit. Its nonstick cooking plate ensures easy food removal and minimal cleanup, while the oil drip tray captures excess grease, promoting healthier cooking. With adjustable temperature control and a spacious cooking surface, this grill caters to various culinary needs. Whether you're craving burgers, fish, vegetables, or pancakes, this grill delivers delicious results with minimal effort. 

For busy individuals seeking a hassle-free cooking experience, the Mueller Austria Electric Grill is a game-changer. Whether you're a busy professional, a student living in a dorm, or a parent juggling multiple responsibilities, this appliance streamlines meal preparation with its versatility and ease of use. Unfortunately, the indicator light does not work well sometimes. Despite this minor drawback, the Mueller Austria Electric Grill remains a top choice for convenient, mess-free cooking.

7 MECO Electric Grill
Our Score:

This Americana Lock 'N Go Portable Electric Grill in Red allows you to enjoy flavorful, outdoor-cooked meals regardless of your living situation. It can be used with wood chips and planks to add true smokiness to grilled foods. This grill manages heat better than charcoal or propane and eliminates the need for fuel replenishment or inhalation of toxic fumes.

The high-domed hood with two adjustable vents lets items absorb the ideal amount of BBQ flavor, while the variable thermostat provides excellent temperature control. With 176 square inches of grilling space, the chrome-coated steel cooking grate can hold a variety of meats and vegetables. At the same time, the 1500-watt heat source delivers the higher temperatures required for the thickest steaks and chops.

If you're a city dweller, mobile home, or RV owner, or simply seeking a hassle-free grilling solution without compromising on flavor, the MECO Electric Grill is tailor-made for you. Priced competitively, it's an excellent choice for those seeking a convenient, efficient, and space-saving outdoor cooking option. One minor issue is that the wing nut securing the element is quite hard to screw, requiring a bit of patience during assembly.

Our Tips to decide which one among best electric portable grills is the best

Researchers all know how difficult it is to make a decision when there are so many options. It's something that originally stood out, and you want to get the most bang for your buck, but our advice will help you make good decisions.

Before making a purchase, please read the following key factors to save oneself time and prevent trouble later.

Grill Size

After finalizing the structure, consider the size of the unit you require. Reflect on the number of individuals you typically cook for, the maximum number of people you may need to cook for, and how often you prepare meals for these varying group sizes. Keep in mind that you may not always utilize the entire cooking area, but it is difficult to expand it later if you realize you need more space. It may be wise to opt for a larger size initially. While many electric grills are compact, we can assist you in finding a larger electric grill if necessary.

Grill Class

Electric grills are categorized into four classes - Luxury, Premium, Practical, and Economy - depending on their features, performance, and quality. It's important to determine which type of grill will offer the best value for your money.

Grill Structure

The first decision to make is whether you want a built-in, freestanding, or portable electric grill. Portable tabletop models are very popular. Built-in electric grills are convenient because they only need to be plugged into an outlet, eliminating the need for refueling or natural gas lines. Freestanding grills are limited by the length of the power cord and should not be used with extension cords. For maximum mobility, a portable electric grill is the best option as you can grill anywhere as long as there is an outlet available, making it perfect for tailgates, campgrounds, and other on-the-go grilling situations.

Power Considerations

Make sure to have a separate power circuit dedicated to your electric grill, as using the same outlet for other appliances can prevent the grill from cooking properly due to lack of power. Refer to the grill’s manual to determine the necessary amperage for optimal performance, as some models may require 20 amps or even hardwiring to a 220-volt outlet. While electric grills may seem convenient, it is important to carefully follow their specific requirements for efficient operation.


For an electric grill to easily integrate into your daily cooking routine, it should be simple to clean. Seek out models with removable parts that are dishwasher-safe, trays to collect grease, and grill plates that are nonstick or seasoned for easy cleaning. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintaining cleanliness, especially for the heating elements and interior below the grates, as electric grills don't reach high enough temperatures to burn off all grease buildup. Regular cleaning of these areas is necessary.


How do electric portable grills work?

Electric portable grills work by heating up an electric element or coil, which then heats a cooking surface such as a grill grate. The heat generated by the element cooks the food placed on the grill, providing a similar cooking experience to a traditional gas or charcoal grill.

Are electric portable grills safe to use indoors?

Most electric portable grills are safe to use indoors, as they do not produce harmful fumes like gas or charcoal grills. However, it is important to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for safe indoor use, such as ensuring proper ventilation and keeping the grill away from flammable materials.

How long does it take for an electric portable grill to heat up?

The heating time for an electric portable grill can vary depending on the model and wattage of the grill. In general, most electric grills will heat up within 5-10 minutes, allowing you to start cooking your food quickly.

Can I use an electric portable grill on a camping trip?

Yes, electric portable grills are a great option for camping trips, as they are easy to transport and can be used in a variety of outdoor settings. Just make sure to have access to a power source, such as a generator or electrical hookup, to power the grill.

How do I clean an electric portable grill?

Cleaning an electric portable grill is relatively simple. Make sure to unplug the grill and allow it to cool before cleaning. Remove any food debris from the grill grate and wipe down the cooking surface with a damp cloth or sponge. You can also remove and clean any removable parts, such as the drip tray or grill pan, according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Follow these guidelines to ensure that you purchase best electric portable grills in 2024. Take into account what characteristics are most essential for your topmost issue right now, and then look into different products that meet those requirements. If you are unable to choose a product, please see MECO Electric Grill for another option.

With this advice, you should be able to find a great new product with much less difficulty! Do you have any inquiries? Please notify us as soon as possible.

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