The Best Activity Tracker For Running Of 2024

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Best activity tracker for running
Best activity tracker for running

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker

"The Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. With built-in GPS, stress management tools, sleep tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and more, you can keep tabs on your health and fitness goals." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Garmin vivosmart 4 Activity Tracker

"The Garmin activity tracker is a slim, stylish, and smart device that helps you monitor your activity and fitness. With its pulse ox and heart rate monitor, it tracks your progress while helping you reach your goals." Read Review

3. Best Performance: WYZE Activity Tracker

"The WYZE activity tracker is the perfect companion for all your fitness needs. With Alexa built-in, you can easily track your daily activity level with just a few taps. It features an advanced step counter to keep you motivated and on track." Read Review

4. Best Efficient: AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker

"The AMAZTIM fitness tracker is the perfect way to stay connected and on top of your fitness goals. With a 60-day extra-long battery life and rugged military-grade construction, this fitness tracker will keep you going longer." Read Review

5. Best Powerful: FITVII IP68 Activity Tracker

"This FITVII activity tracker is the perfect choice for any active lifestyle. This device will surely please you with its slim design and powerful features. It includes blood oxygen, 24/7 heart rate, and sleep tracking, and it is IP68 Waterproof." Read Review

Running is one of the most popular activities for people of all ages and levels of fitness. It's a great way to stay in shape, keep your heart healthy, and burn calories. But if you want to get the most out of your running routine, you need to have the right tools. An activity tracker is a great way to keep track of your progress and even make changes to your routine to maximize your results. They are the perfect way to monitor and improve your running performance.

In this article, we'll explore the best activity trackers for running, so you can find the one that best suits your needs. We'll look at the features each one offers, the pros and cons of each, and how each can help you reach your goals. We'll also discuss the importance of using a tracker and offer tips for getting the most out of it. So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner, let's explore the best activity trackers for running and find the one that's right for you.

After 17 hours of product research and analysis, We can identify the best activity tracker for running is Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker. Equipped with built-in GPS, stress management tools, sleep tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and more, the Charge 5 is designed to help you stay on top of your health and wellness goals. The performance of this product is of an excellent standard, and it offers a complete set of features that can satisfy your requirements.


TOP Choice #1 Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

The Fitbit optimizes your fitness routine with a daily readiness score that tells you if you're ready to work out or whether you should focus on healing instead. You can get a daily stress management score that displays how your body reacts to stress and take action to improve your levels with an on-wrist EDA sensor mindfulness session. You can track various health metrics using its Health Metrics dashboard, including variations in skin temperature, SpO2, and heart rate variability.

This product keeps track of the calories you burn and helps you get the most out of your exercises by monitoring your heart rate around the clock and using Active Zone Minutes, which lets you work to the intensity level you want. During outdoor activities, you can use the built-in GPS to view your real-time pace and distance without needing your phone, and then you can view a map of your workout path in the Fitbit app. However, it would be best if its UI would be more customizable.

TOP Choice #2 Garmin vivosmart 4 Activity Tracker
Our Score:

The Garmin slim activity and fitness tracker features a stylish design with metal accents and a bright, easy-to-read display. It has specialized timers for walking, running, strength training, yoga, and swimming in pools. This activity tracker features advanced sleep monitoring, including REM sleep, and can measure blood oxygen saturation levels throughout the night using a wrist-based Pulse Ox sensor. This fitness and health monitoring tool includes an estimated heart rate based on the wearer's wrist, an all-day stress tracker, a relaxation breathing timer, a Vo2 Max monitor, and more.

This products battery life is commensurate with your needs, up to a week's use, and is risk-free for bathing and showering. This device has specialized timers for walking, running, strength training, yoga, and pool swimming. You can set up vibration alerts for any notifications, including incoming phone calls, text messages, and other messages. You can get reliable tracking during outside walks and runs by connecting to the GPS on a smartphone that is compatible with the app. The only issue is that it is a bit hard to charge.

TOP Choice #3 WYZE Activity Tracker
Our Score:

The WYZE activity tracker is more than just a step counter for your daily routine. With this device, you can watch your heart rate around the clock for up to ten days on a single battery. It analyzes the patterns of your sleep as well as the quality of your sleep. It comes with a run mode that displays your running distance, pace, and overall time you've spent running. You can acquire your 10,000 steps. You can use the Wyze Band to manage your smart TV, carry out your bedtime ritual, and even retrieve your preferred playlist by configuring rules in the Alexa app.

This product contains a dual-microphone array, improving Alexa's ability to hear what you say. Alexa enables you to take control of your smart home devices, set alarms, and do virtually anything else you do daily. WYZE Band has various valuable utilities, including a weather display, alarm, stopwatch, sedentary reminder, find-my-phone and find-band capabilities, and more. Unfortunately, the screen may light up when there is water falling in.

4 AMAZTIM Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

The AMAZTIM M2's sophisticated real-time monitoring feature is responsible for data collection on your health. Your all-day sleep, heart rate throughout the day, and real-time blood pressure and oxygen levels can all be monitored with the help of the fitness watch. It also features a pedometer, which helps users keep tabs on how many calories they burn during the day. This tracker supports up to seventy sports modes, including indoor and outdoor exercises like swimming, skiing, and hiking.

This fitness tracker is outfitted with a battery that is made up of 100% pure cobalt and is of military quality. Its capacity is as high as 380mAh, providing optimal performance and lifespan, which is twice as much as standard smartwatches. This device gathers data with unrivaled precision and accuracy, guaranteeing that each workout is accounted for correctly. You can check the weather, play music for questions, and set alarms and timers. However, sometimes its intelligent recognition function may not work very excellently.

5 FITVII IP68 Activity Tracker
Our Score:

The FITVII fitness tracker can assess your blood oxygen saturation, which can assist you in better comprehending your current physical status. It is excellent for sports and workouts with high intensity, such as marathons and sessions in the gym. This heart rate and blood pressure monitoring watch will help you understand the trends in your resting heart rate and blood pressure readings. This device also provides data assistance for your exercise plans. 

This product keeps track of the amount of time you spend awake, in light sleep, and in deep sleep to understand the quality of your sleep better each night. You can keep track of your activity throughout the day by having your steps, distance, and calories burned automatically counted and recorded. This user-friendly activity tracker comes with seven different sports modes, as well as a variety of other sophisticated features. While it works great, it can sometimes lose connection with the phone.

6 Apple Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

The Apple activity tracker has features like crash detection and improved training analytics. With this watch, you can keep track of your daily activity and sleep patterns and stay on top of your health goals. You will have everything you need to track your fitness, maintain your connections, keep an eye on your health, and protect yourself. It is waterproof to a depth of fifty meters and is manufactured using an innovative production method that reduces carbon emissions by more than 80 percent.

This Apple watch SE (GPS) works with your iPhone or Wi-Fi to keep you connected, allowing you to send and receive texts, make and receive calls, listen to music and podcasts, utilize Siri, and even send out an emergency SOS call for assistance. With crash detection, fall detection, and emergency SOS, you can always obtain help when required. You can get profound insights into your health, such as alerts if you have an irregular rhythm or an exceptionally high or meager heart rate. The only downside is that battery life is a bit short.

The Xiaomi activity tracker monitors your heart rate in real-time throughout the day and provides accurate reviews in graphs that are simple to read. When your heart rate exceeds the normal range, the band will begin to vibrate to inform you. You can track the number of calories expended, variations in heart rate, and the length of your workouts with the help of a wide variety of sports modes. It supports pool swimming and snorkeling, as well as intelligent recognition of the four most prevalent types of swimming. 

This device features a spectacular large 1.62 inches AMOLED display that debuts on your wrist, making it simple to read and control. To safeguard you from any dangers to your health, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 will give you a warning notice in the form of vibration if your blood oxygen level drops below 90%. However, its setup is a bit difficult for some users.

8 SAMSUNG Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

IMPROVED BATTERY & GALAXY CONNECTED EXPERIENCE: Meet the watch that goes as long as you do; Galaxy Watch5’s improved battery keeps up with your busiest day***** Do more with synced Galaxy devices that work in perfect harmony******

ENHANCED GPS: Get out there; Explore the great outdoors; Now you can wander all you want and still know where you are; Galaxy Watch5 features enhanced GPS with voice navigation right on your wrist

IMPROVED SENSOR ACCURACY: Stay up to date on your wellness; Get an accurate heart rate thanks to an improved, curved Samsung BioActive Sensor that gets closer to your skin***

9 COROS Activity Tracker
Our Score:

Ease of Use: COROS PACE 2 Running Watch is designed to be easy and intuitive to operate with a 2-button layout. The Digital Dial allows you to easily navigate your watch with just one finger so that you can receive less distraction and put your mind on your training.

Advanced Training Solutions: Trusted by elite athletes, COROS PACE 2 Running Watch helps you transform data into actionable insights with advanced training solutions like training load trend, recovery timer, training status, workout builder, and a lot more.

Enhanced Sleep Monitoring: COROS PACE 2 Fitness Watch offers a detailed breakdown of your sleep stages so that you can eaily understand if you are getting a good night of rest.

BUNDLE INCLUDES: Forerunner 35 | Charging cable | Manual | Extended Protection

It features built-in wrist-based heart rate as well as GPS that tracks your distance, pace, intervals and more.

Forerunner 35 is slim and lightweight - perfect for daily runs, training and racing

What to Look For in a best activity tracker for running?

You may know that best activity tracker for running is a kind of product many customers are hesitant to pay for. It is not due to its quality but the fact that there are many factors you must consider. Nevertheless, all your worry is not a problem for us. Our knowledgeable staff will help you with the right decision.

Tech-evaluated and high-rated products are available in our list of eligible items. Here are some indispensable things you shouldn’t ignore:

Battery Life

Battery life may vary depending on how advanced the device. If the tracker has color touch screens or an assortment of sensors, it is more likely that you will have to charge your battery frequently than with a band without any LED lights.


Fitness trackers have always looked functional. However, fashion designers are more concerned about style. A variety of shapes and colors are possible, as well as models that have been developed in partnership with fashion designers. Find a look that's comfortable to wear every day.


If there is a tracker for your fitness, chances are there's an application. There are many apps available, but each app has its own unique features. This means that if data is a concern you could choose based on which supported apps they are.

Smartphone Compatibility

You should first check that your fitness tracker is compatible with your smartphone before you attempt to connect it to the internet. Although most fitness trackers will work on Android or iOS, there may be some issues with less well-known models.


Some trackers are more skilled and reveal the data via symbols, numbers, or words on a display that is watch-face-like. Others simply use an app to share their data. The tracker's companion application syncs data to your smartphone and computer. This not only preserves information, but can also help you analyze it. Make sure you preview the tracker companion app before finalizing your purchase.

Water Resistance

Do you ever come in contact with water during your workouts? It's important to remember that water is an essential part of your workout. Most trackers will be at most splashproof. Other trackers are waterproof and can take a shower indoors or outside. You should choose a tracker that is more water resistant if you intend to swim in your pool.


It is not possible to fool trackers. These trackers use algorithms and sensors which can interpret footsteps, punches thrown, steps taken, hours sleep, as well as other data. It's possible to be somewhat inaccurate. For hard data you might consider a function-specific instrument. Heart rate monitors that attach to your chest to transmit information to your activity tracker will generally be more accurate than any in-device sensor.

Heart Rate Monitor

The most expensive activity trackers will have a heart-rate monitor. They are aimed at athletes who want to be serious about exercising and taking their sport very seriously. A heart monitor is a great way to better track your progress and help with health.


What is an activity tracker for running?

An activity tracker for running is a device or app that tracks and records your running performance. It usually includes features such as tracking distance, pace, time, and calories burned. Some activity trackers also offer additional features such as GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and route planning.

What are the benefits of using an activity tracker for running?

Activity trackers for running are beneficial because they provide important information about your running performance. This information can be used to improve your running technique and performance. Additionally, an activity tracker can help you stay motivated and track your progress over time.

How do I set up my activity tracker for running?

Setting up an activity tracker for running usually involves downloading the app associated with the device and connecting it to your phone. Once the connection is made, you will be able to customize the settings and preferences for your running activity.

How often should I sync my activity tracker for running?

You should sync your activity tracker for running at least once a week. Syncing will ensure that your data is up-to-date and accurate. Additionally, some activity trackers will offer additional features if they are synced more regularly.

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