The Best Activity Tracker For Kids Of 2024

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Best Activity Tracker For Kids
Best Activity Tracker For Kids

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker

"The Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker is perfect for parents looking for a durable and swim-friendly fitness tracker for their children. Featuring a large color display with multiple watch face options, this tracker offers up to 1 year of battery life without recharging." Read Review

2. Best Bang For The Buck: Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker

"The Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker is the perfect tool for helping kids stay active and create healthy habits. It features animated clock faces that grow and develop as kids move more throughout the day, providing positive reinforcement to keep active." Read Review

3. Best Efficient: BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker

"The BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker is the perfect way to help your kids stay active and fit! This fitness tracker automatically tracks your child's steps, distance, and calories burned, giving you an accurate picture of their activity level." Read Review

4. Best Design: BIGGERFIVE Slim Kids Fitness Tracker

"The BIGGERFIVE Slim Kids Fitness Tracker is the perfect way to help your child stay active and healthy. With its slim and lightweight design, this fitness tracker is comfortable and easy to wear, making it great for everyday use." Read Review

5. Best Technology: Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker

"The Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker is the perfect device for your active kid! This tracker is easy to set up and use with its one-touch system, and the design is made to fit securely and comfortably on children aged 5 to 16." Read Review

Kids these days are more active than ever. With technology becoming a huge part of their lives, it's important to ensure they stay active and healthy. Activity trackers are a great way to do this. They provide parents with insight into their children's activity levels, allowing them to make sure they are getting enough physical activity and meeting their goals. With so many activity trackers on the market, choosing the best one for your child can be hard.

We've researched and rounded up the best activity trackers for kids of all ages so that you can find the perfect one for your little one. Whether you are looking for a basic tracker that monitors steps and sleep or a more advanced model that tracks heart rate and calories burned, there is sure to be an activity tracker that is perfect for your child's needs. Get ready to get your kids moving with these top-rated activity trackers for kids.

We think the best activity tracker for kids is Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker. Designed to withstand the active lifestyle of kids, this tracker is both durable and swim-friendly. You can also check out the Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker. In addition to the other suggestions on this list, which equally deserve your consideration, we have compiled a helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.


TOP Choice #1 Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

This feature-packed fitness tracker provides kids with an interactive and engaging experience through its companion Garmin Jr. app. This tracker is durable and swim-friendly and is designed to withstand kids' active lifestyles. It boasts a large color display with multiple watch face options, allowing children to personalize their devices to their liking. With an impressive battery life of up to 1 year and no need for recharging, parents can enjoy the convenience of a device that keeps going without interruptions. In addition, the battery is easily replaceable by parents when needed.

Additionally, the tracker sets active minute goals to motivate kids and encourage physical activity that unlocks entertaining app adventures, games, and icons. Meeting these goals rewards children with engaging experiences that make their fitness journey even more exciting. Parents can easily manage chores using the app, assigning tasks, scheduling alerts and alarms, and rewarding kids for their excellent behavior. This tracker offers comprehensive tracking features, allowing parents to see the complete picture of their child's activity. It monitors steps, estimates sleep, and recommends 60 minutes of daily exercise. Nevertheless, it doesn't have a built-in GPS. 

TOP Choice #2 Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker
Our Score:

This fitness tracker is designed to keep kids active and engaged while offering a long-lasting battery life of up to 8 days, ensuring they spend less time charging and more time moving. The animated clock faces on the device grow and develop throughout the day as kids accumulate more movement, adding an element of fun and motivation to their fitness journey. With all-day activity tracking, this tracker showcases how healthy habits can contribute to a healthier life. It provides a comprehensive overview of kids' activity levels, helping them understand the importance of staying active throughout the day. 

Additionally, the tracker includes sleep-tracking features, assisting kids in developing healthy sleep habits. Bedtime reminders and silent alarms ensure they get enough rest and wake up refreshed. Water resistance is essential for active kids; this tracker doesn't disappoint. With a water resistance rating of up to 50 meters, the Fitbit Ace 3 is ready to withstand pool party cannonballs and accidental spills during lunchtime, providing peace of mind for parents and allowing kids to enjoy water activities fully. Nonetheless, its band could be better. 

TOP Choice #3 BIGGERFIVE Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

This advanced fitness tracker is the perfect companion for your kids, automatically tracking their steps, distance, and calories burned throughout the day. This tracker encourages an active and healthy lifestyle with support for over ten activities, including walking, running, cycling, dancing, basketball, football, tennis, climbing, and workout. Equipped with a heart rate monitor, the tracker monitors your kids' heart rate, ensuring their safety and well-being during physical activities. 

Additionally, it offers sleep tracking functionality, monitoring their sleep patterns and providing valuable insights into their sleep quality through the accompanying app. The silent alarm clock feature gently wakes your kids without disturbing others, allowing for a peaceful morning routine. Plus, it is designed with an IP68 waterproof rating and can withstand water activities, making it suitable for your kids to wear even during pool time. This tracker will remain functional and intact whether swimming or enjoying water games. However, the app of this fitness tracker may sometimes not work well. 

4 BIGGERFIVE Slim Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

The BIGGERFIVE kid's fitness tracker watch combines comfort, durability, and functionality to provide a seamless fitness experience for children aged five and above. The slim and adjustable design of the wristband ensures ultimate comfort, allowing kids to wear it all day long without any discomfort. Made from flexible and durable TPU material, this tracker is lightweight, weighing only 17 grams, and free from harmful substances, making it safe for children to wear.

Equipped with all-day activity tracking, this fitness tracker automatically monitors your child's steps, distance, and calories burned throughout the day. Furthermore, accessing this data is as easy as tapping the tracker's display or checking your smartphone's "VeryFitPro" app. The app provides a comprehensive overview of your child's activity levels, helping them stay motivated and achieve their fitness goals. It also includes a silent vibration alarm clock that gently wakes your child without disturbing others, ensuring a peaceful morning routine. Nonetheless, its sleep tracker may sometimes not work well. 

5 Inspiratek Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

The Inspiratek Fitness Tracker is a user-friendly device that is effortless to set up and operate, thanks to its convenient One-Touch system. Designed to cater to boys and girls aged 5 to 16, this tracker ensures a secure and comfortable fit for children of various ages and sizes. With its multifunctional capabilities, the Inspiratek Fitness Tracker offers over ten built-in functions to cater to multiple needs. This tracker provides a comprehensive approach to kids ' fitness tracking, from step tracking to distance measurement, calorie counting, and heart rate monitoring.

Additionally, it comes with a custom app that enhances the user experience and provides additional features and data insights. Whether it's a birthday celebration or any special occasion, this fitness tracker is an excellent gift for sons and daughters. Its stylish design, packed with features that promote an active lifestyle, will surely delight children and encourage them to stay active and engaged in their fitness journey. The only minor downside of this device is that its battery life could be better. 

6 EURANS Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

The fitness tracker for children is a versatile and engaging device that effortlessly monitors and tracks various aspects of your child's physical activity and health. Automatic step tracking, distance measurement, and calorie consumption monitoring encourage kids to stay active and achieve their fitness goals. It offers an impressive selection of 14 activity modes, including running, walking, cycling, and playing basketball, ensuring that it caters to various interests and preferences.

In addition to fitness tracking, this innovative device prioritizes your child's well-being by providing heart rate and sleep monitoring features. Real-time heart rate monitoring allows you to keep tabs on your child's cardiovascular health, while sleep quality tracking and trend analysis offers valuable insights into their sleep patterns. With the help of the accompanying app, you can gain a deeper understanding of your child's overall health and assist them in developing healthy sleep habits. However, it may be a bit bulky. 

7 BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

The newly upgraded fitness tracker features a liquid silicone strap that offers a softer and more skin-friendly experience, specifically designed for kids aged 5 to 15. The improved strap ensures a comfortable fit throughout the day, allowing children to wear it quickly. The charging interface has also been upgraded for enhanced safety and durability, providing up to 7 days of battery life with just 2 hours of fast charging.

With its comprehensive all-day activity tracking capabilities, this fitness tracker records your children's steps, distance, calories burned, and activity minutes. It supports various activity modes, including walking, running, cycling, dancing, basketball, football, tennis, climbing, and workout, enabling kids to engage in multiple physical activities. Furthermore, its IP68 waterproof rating allows children to wear it during water activities and enjoy pool time without worry. The fitness tracker goes beyond training tracking by offering heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and a silent alarm clock function. Unfortunately, the heart rate monitoring feature is sometimes not very accurate. 
8 HOOMOON Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

【Easy To Use & Wide Compatibility】The fitness watch support and compatible with most Android 4.4 above, IOS 8.0 or higher smart phones, 2 kinds of clocks display, 12 hours or 24 hours can be set, if you phone is 24 hours clock display, then the fitness tracker is 24 hours clock display.

【Automatic heart rate & sleep monitor】The kids fitness tracker can automatically monitor your kids daily real-time heart rate and track how well your kids sleep at night. Get the data about your kids sleeping trends through the night via the app.The vibrating alarm clock can wake up your kids without disturbing others, helping kids form a good sleep habit.

【Kid-friendly Fitness Tracker】This is a fitness tracker specially designed for children. comfortable durable silicone band and secureadjustable clasp, available in many different lovely colors. Kids can also choose their favorite 8 different theme interfaces. Adjustable watch straps can fit for 5-7.5 inches wrist. Always ready for playtime.

9 Cubitt Jr Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:
Cubitt Tracking Technologies

HEART RATE AND SLEEP MONITOR: Automatically monitors your daily heart rate and monitors your sleep, knowing your hours of rest. Our app allows you to review graphs that analyze how deep or light is your sleep and your wake-up times.

ALL DAY FITNESS TRACKING: Track your daily activities with a built-in accelerometer sensor that allows you to track distance traveled, record steps, get calories burned, and review active minutes. Your workout progress can be simply viewed directly from our app, by choosing between 6 different sports modes including Walking, Running, Climbing, Riding, Basketball, Free Sports

APP PAIRING AND BATTERY: "Cubitt Jr + Teens" app pairing is simple, by using Bluetooth, automatically sync your device to a phone using iOS 10.0/Android OS 5.1 or above. Battery working time 5-7 days, standby 10-15 days. You can adjust the screen brightness according to your needs

10 MgaoLo Kids Fitness Tracker
Our Score:

Great Gift for Kids:This watch has a fashion and cute design. 1.54-inch colorful touch screen can adjust brightness, and the display screen will automatically light up when raise wrist.

All-Day Activity Tracking: Automatically tracks your kids steps, distance and calories burned.Supports 20 activity modes.You can see detailed data on APP.

Intended for ages 6+ years.

What to Look For in a best activity tracker for kids?

To buy any product seems easy, but to choose the best one is not straightforward. The time you take to research its outcome is significant. The same matter also comes to best activity tracker for kids of 2024 that we include in this article. But you can relax instead of spending too much time learning the products. It’s our duty!

Here are the main features of best activity tracker for kids that all of you guys should keep in mind when deciding to make a purchase:

Smartphone Compatibility

You should first check that your fitness tracker is compatible with your smartphone before you attempt to connect it to the internet. Although most fitness trackers will work on Android or iOS, there may be some issues with less well-known models.


Fitness trackers have always looked functional. However, fashion designers are more concerned about style. A variety of shapes and colors are possible, as well as models that have been developed in partnership with fashion designers. Find a look that's comfortable to wear every day.

Heart Rate Monitor

The most expensive activity trackers will have a heart-rate monitor. They are aimed at athletes who want to be serious about exercising and taking their sport very seriously. A heart monitor is a great way to better track your progress and help with health.

Water Resistance

Do you ever come in contact with water during your workouts? It's important to remember that water is an essential part of your workout. Most trackers will be at most splashproof. Other trackers are waterproof and can take a shower indoors or outside. You should choose a tracker that is more water resistant if you intend to swim in your pool.


It is not possible to fool trackers. These trackers use algorithms and sensors which can interpret footsteps, punches thrown, steps taken, hours sleep, as well as other data. It's possible to be somewhat inaccurate. For hard data you might consider a function-specific instrument. Heart rate monitors that attach to your chest to transmit information to your activity tracker will generally be more accurate than any in-device sensor.

Battery Life

Battery life may vary depending on how advanced the device. If the tracker has color touch screens or an assortment of sensors, it is more likely that you will have to charge your battery frequently than with a band without any LED lights.


If there is a tracker for your fitness, chances are there's an application. There are many apps available, but each app has its own unique features. This means that if data is a concern you could choose based on which supported apps they are.


Some trackers are more skilled and reveal the data via symbols, numbers, or words on a display that is watch-face-like. Others simply use an app to share their data. The tracker's companion application syncs data to your smartphone and computer. This not only preserves information, but can also help you analyze it. Make sure you preview the tracker companion app before finalizing your purchase.


What is an activity tracker for kids?

An activity tracker for kids is a device that helps motivate them to stay active by tracking their progress and providing rewards for completing goals. It can be worn on the wrist or clothing, tracking physical activity levels, steps taken, and other metrics.

How can an activity tracker for kids help my child?

Activity trackers can help motivate children to stay active by setting goals and providing rewards for reaching those goals. It can also provide parents with useful data about their child's activity, such as the number of steps taken or calories burned. This can help ensure your child gets the recommended amount of physical activity for their age.

What features do activity trackers for kids typically have?

Activity trackers for kids typically have features such as step tracking, calorie counting, sleep tracking, and goal setting. Some models may also feature GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and connectivity with smartphones and other devices.

Are activity trackers for kids safe to use?

Yes, activity trackers for kids are safe to use as long as they are used as instructed. Most activity trackers for kids come with safety features such as password protection and parental controls, so it is important to read the instructions carefully before allowing your child to use the device.

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