The Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker For 2024

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Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker
Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The Rundown

1. Best Overall: IMUSA Coffee Maker

"Brewing a barista-quality cup of coffee at home just got easier with the IMUSA 800 Watts Black Espresso Maker. Elevate your morning routine with this versatile appliance that promises both convenience and flavor." Read Review

2. Best For The Price: Famiworths Coffee Maker

"Wake up to the perfect cup of coffee every time with the Famiworths Coffee Maker. From piping hot brews to refreshing iced coffees, this versatile machine caters to all your caffeinated cravings at the touch of a button." Read Review

3. Best Compact: Gevi Coffee Maker

"Simplify your mornings with the Gevi Coffee Maker, a compact and user-friendly addition to any kitchen. With its intuitive features and space-saving design, brewing the perfect cup of coffee has never been easier." Read Review

4. Best Easy Operation: Brentwood Coffee Maker

"Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is an art, and the Brentwood Coffee Maker simplifies this craft with its user-friendly design and efficient brewing capabilities. Say goodbye to complicated coffee routines and hello to hassle-free mornings." Read Review

5. Best Design: Ihomekee Coffee Maker

"Improve your coffee game with the Ihomekee Coffee Maker, a small but powerful equipment meant to turn beginners become baristas. Experience the thrill of making professional-quality coffee from the convenience of your own home, without the need for considerable training." Read Review

In the world of caffeine connoisseurship, where every drop counts and every brew is a ritual, the quest for the perfect coffee maker knows no bounds. Amidst the towering giants and extravagant machines, the 4-cup coffee maker is a beacon of simplicity and efficiency. Compact yet capable, it embodies the essence of convenience without sacrificing the quality of the brew.

At Kris Van Assche, we understand the importance of finding the ideal coffee companion that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine while elevating your coffee experience to new heights. With many options flooding the market, from minimalist designs to feature-rich marvels, discovering the best 4-cup coffee maker requires expert guidance and insight. Join us as we embark on a caffeinated odyssey, exploring the nuances of flavor, design, and functionality to unearth the hidden gems among these diminutive brewers.

Our team spent about 17 hours researching, sifting, and selecting many high-quality models. As an outcome, we think the best 4 cup coffee maker is IMUSA Coffee Maker. With the ability to brew up to 4 servings of rich espresso in minutes, this appliance ensures you start your day on the right note. In addition to the other suggestions on this list, which equally deserve your consideration, we have compiled a helpful buyer's guide to assist you in making your decision.


TOP Choice #1 IMUSA Coffee Maker
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The IMUSA 800 Watts Black Espresso Maker brings the coffeehouse experience right to your kitchen countertop. With the ability to brew up to 4 servings of rich espresso in minutes, this appliance ensures you start your day on the right note. The milk frother also adds a touch of authenticity to homemade cappuccinos and lattes.

Furthermore, the removable drip tray and filter basket make cleanup a breeze. However, the milk frother is a bit hard to use the first time, which might require some practice to master, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be whipping up professional-grade beverages with ease.

If you're an avid coffee enthusiast looking to replicate the café experience at home without breaking the bank, the IMUSA Coffee Maker is for you. It's perfect for individuals or small households who crave quality espresso and creamy cappuccinos in the comfort of their own space. At a modest price point, it's an excellent entry-level option for those venturing into the world of home brewing.

TOP Choice #2 Famiworths Coffee Maker
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The Famiworths Coffee Maker is designed to cater to every coffee lover's whims. This single-serve powerhouse offers the convenience of brewing both hot and iced coffee at the touch of a button. Say goodbye to watery iced coffees with the "OVER ICE" button, which brews a strong cup directly onto ice, preserving the rich flavor without dilution.

The 2-in-1 functionality for K-Cups and ground coffee ensures versatility, allowing you to customize your brew to perfection. While darker roasts may take a bit longer to brew, the wait is worth it for their robust flavor profile. The inclusion of a memory function also ensures that your preferred cup size is always remembered, streamlining your morning routine with every use.

The Famiworths Coffee Maker is a dream come true for coffee lovers seeking convenience without compromising on quality. Whether you're a busy professional on the go or a hostess entertaining guests, this machine easily caters to all your caffeinated cravings. Its ability to brew multiple cup sizes makes it ideal for households of all sizes, ensuring everyone gets their perfect cup every time. 

TOP Choice #3 Gevi Coffee Maker
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The Gevi Coffee Maker redefines simplicity with its straightforward operation and thoughtful design. With just the press of a button, you can enjoy flavorful coffee in minutes, thanks to its efficient brewing system. The keep-warm function ensures that your coffee stays at the optimal temperature until you're ready to indulge, allowing you to savor every sip. The reusable filter basket also makes it easier to clean up afterward and lessens the environmental effect of using wasteful paper filters.

Its pause-and-serve feature allows you to pour a cup mid-brew without any mess. Nevertheless, one important thing to note is that you should ensure that the filter holder is inserted correctly for optimal performance.

The Gevi Coffee Maker is tailor-made for individuals seeking a hassle-free brewing experience. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller living spaces, such as apartments or dorm rooms, while its user-friendly features cater to coffee enthusiasts of all levels. 

4 Brentwood Coffee Maker
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The Brentwood TS-213BK 4 Cup Coffee Maker brings simplicity and efficiency to your morning routine. With its easy-to-use interface, brewing a delicious pot of coffee becomes a breeze. Simply add your coffee grounds, water, and push the start button. The powerful 650-watt system swiftly brews up to 4 cups of rich, aromatic coffee, ensuring you and your loved ones start the day on the right note.

The included glass carafe keeps your coffee warm, ready to be enjoyed at your convenience. One notable feature is the removable and reusable filter, saving you money while reducing environmental impact. The only issue is that it may emit a faint plastic smell initially, but fear not, as it dissipates after a few weeks of use.

If you're a coffee enthusiast who values simplicity and efficiency in your morning routine, the Brentwood Coffee Maker is tailored for you. It's an ideal choice for individuals or small households seeking a reliable coffee maker without breaking the bank. 

5 Ihomekee Coffee Maker
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The Ihomekee Espresso Machine revolutionizes home coffee brewing with its fast heating function and user-friendly design. Heating up in just 90 seconds, it ensures optimal extraction temperature for your coffee, saving you precious time on busy mornings. With a single switch knob and indicator light, operating this machine is a breeze, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned coffee aficionados alike.

Its compact design not only saves space but also adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen countertop. The powerful 3.5 bar pressure system also guarantees rich, creamy espresso with every brew. Nonetheless, caution is advised against opening the top cover while the machine is on to avoid potential burns from hot water vapor.

For those seeking a convenient yet professional-grade coffee brewing experience at home, the Ihomekee Coffee Maker is a perfect choice. Whether you're a beginner venturing into the world of coffee or a seasoned barista looking for a compact, reliable machine, this appliance caters to all needs. 

6 Dominion Coffee Maker
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The Dominion Coffee Maker combines speed, efficiency, and convenience to deliver a delightful coffee experience. Its fast brew capability means you can indulge in your favorite brew in no time, perfect for those hectic mornings. The compact design not only saves precious counter space but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor.

With features like the on/off LED indicator light and easy-to-see water window, brewing precise amounts of coffee has never been easier. The drip-free design and easy cord storage further enhance its usability, ensuring a hassle-free coffee-making process. The only issue is that the carafe may feel a bit flimsy, requiring extra care during handling.

If you're a busy individual craving a quick and hassle-free coffee brewing experience, the Dominion Coffee Maker is perfect. Its fast brew capability and space-saving design make it an ideal choice for small kitchens or offices. 

7 KEENSTAR Coffee Maker
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Elevate your mornings with the KEENSTAR Coffee Maker, a testament to simplicity and innovation. With its single switch knob and indicator light, brewing hot or iced coffee has never been easier. The advanced heating technology ensures rapid water heating to the perfect temperature, delivering 1-4 cups of rich espresso in just 2 minutes. The powerful steam wand, boasting an 800W element, creates creamy microfoam in 40 seconds, perfect for indulgent cappuccinos and lattes.

Its compact design, weighing only 4.7 pounds, ensures it fits seamlessly into any kitchen while still maintaining essential features like heat control and milk frothing. Additionally, safety is paramount, with the silicon pad preventing burns and ensuring peace of mind. 

If you're seeking a hassle-free coffee-making experience without compromising on quality, the KEENSTAR Coffee Maker is your go-to. Unfortunately, the glass pot may crack during rinsing, so you need to use it carefully. Despite this, the KEENSTAR Coffee Maker offers a satisfying brewing experience, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, 1-year free replacement, and lifetime after-sales service.

What to Look For in a best 4 cup coffee maker?

It may take a long longer to make the best shopping decision. As a result, we are accessible to assist you with your best 4 cup coffee maker issue at any time of day or night!

There are some highlighted features of best 4 cup coffee maker you should be aware of before make decision:

Extra Features

Some coffee machines offer advanced features such as programmable brewing, keep-warm functions, auto-shutoff, and thermal carafes. They may also have audible alerts and indicator lights. Coffeemakers with built-in grinders are convenient for users who prefer not to use a separate device for grinding beans. Premium machines may have additional features like milk frothing and reminders for cleaning. Espresso machines and hybrid coffee/espresso brewers typically have the most options but are also the most expensive.

Custom Brewing Options

Basic machines have limited options such as adjusting the amount of coffee or water used, whereas advanced machines allow for customization of water temperature, brew strength, and various brew sizes. Cup and capsule machines also provide options for making different beverages like hot chocolate and tea. Generally, simpler machines are more affordable and easier to use as they have fewer options to choose from, reducing the chance of selecting the wrong setting accidentally.


If your family consumes coffee all day, consider choosing a coffee maker with a thermal carafe to ensure the coffee stays hot at any time. For those who only drink coffee in the morning, a glass brewer with a warming plate may be sufficient, although some people dislike the burnt taste that can result from prolonged heating. A pod machine is a convenient option for busy families rushing out the door in the morning, as it provides a quick cup without the worry of leaving the machine on.

Brew Size

From individual servings to a large carafe, there are coffee makers available in various sizes to suit your brewing needs. Some machines offer a wide range of size options, while others are more limited. Single-cup brewers are perfect for individuals or households with different coffee preferences and schedules. Larger brewers are ideal for those who consume more coffee or for gatherings where multiple servings are needed. It's important to note that a "cup" of coffee in a machine is typically smaller than a standard 8 or 16 oz cup. For larger events, there are commercial-sized brewers that can accommodate the need for a greater quantity of coffee.


Are you looking for a convenient coffee-making experience in the morning, with your coffee ready when you wake up, or do you enjoy the process of brewing coffee? A programmable electric coffee maker can have your coffee ready for you in the morning. Other electric machines may need a bit more attention but are still easy to operate with just a few buttons. Manual pour-over coffee makers, such as French press brewers and stovetop espresso pots, require your full attention for a perfect cup. Pod machines are great for households with different coffee preferences and smaller quantities needed.


Make sure to measure the space where you plan to place your coffee machine accurately. If the machine is too big for the space, it may cause inconvenience. Consider if you need to open the top of the machine to add water and grounds. For single-serve machines, take into account the size of your mugs as many larger mugs may not fit under the brewer.

Type Of Coffee

While traditional coffee makers and espresso machines are typically separate appliances, there are hybrid machines available that can brew both types of coffee. While having two machines can take up a lot of counter space, it is the ideal choice for those who enjoy both coffee and espresso and want to ensure the best quality for each. Hybrid machines are a more compact and cost-effective option compared to purchasing two separate machines, but they may not provide the highest quality coffee and espresso. Pod machines offer espresso-like drinks but may not be as authentic as traditional espresso or cappuccino, so they may not be the best choice for those seeking a more traditional coffee experience.


How many cups of coffee does a 4 cup coffee maker make?

4 cup coffee maker typically makes 4 cups of coffee, which is equivalent to 32 fluid ounces.

Can I use ground coffee or do I need to use coffee pods with a 4 cup coffee maker?

Most 4 cup coffee makers are designed to work with ground coffee, but some models may also be compatible with coffee pods. It is important to check the manufacturer's instructions to determine what type of coffee is suitable for your specific machine.

How long does it take for a 4 cup coffee maker to brew a pot of coffee?

The brewing time for a 4 cup coffee maker can vary depending on the specific model, but on average it takes around 5-10 minutes for the brewing process to be completed.

Can I program a 4 cup coffee maker to start brewing coffee at a specific time?

Some 4 cup coffee makers come equipped with a programmable feature that allows you to set a specific time for the machine to start brewing coffee. This can be a convenient option for those who want to wake up to a fresh pot of coffee in the morning.

How do I clean and maintain a 4 cup coffee maker?

To clean and maintain a 4 cup coffee maker, it is important to regularly descale the machine, clean the brewing basket and carafe, and replace any filters as needed. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific cleaning and maintenance recommendations for your particular model.

We will keep the list of best 4 cup coffee maker up-to-date once there are new technology and information available. Please check our website frequently to see the most up-to-date information by our editor.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding best 4 cup coffee maker that you'd like to share with us? We will try to attain even greater comedy as a result of your efforts.

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